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Test K

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Test K: The passive



Rewrite these sentences beginning with the underlined words.

  • Thieves robbed a woman.

A woman was robbed.
1. They may ban the film. ___________________________
2. They offered Nancy a pay increase. ___________________________
3. We need to correct the mistakes. ___________________________
4. Someone reported that the situation was under control. ___________________________
5. They are testing the new drug. ___________________________
6. We haven't used the machine for ages. ___________________________


Read the story and write the missing words. Use one word only in each space.

During periods of terrorist activity, people in Britain are always
being warned to look out for bombs. Any bag or parcel without an owner (1) _________ seen as a risk to the public. Some time ago a cardboard box was found at the entrance to Bristol Zoo one day. It was noticed (2) _________ a visitor and reported to the director. Clearly, if it was a bomb and it went off, people might (3) _________ killed. So army bomb experts (4) _________ called in, and the box was safely blown up in a controlled explosion. Soon afterwards (5) _________ was reported that the box had (6) _________ left there by a boy wanting to find a new home for his pet rat. He was tired of the rat, he explained, but he was unwilling to (7) _________ it put to sleep by a vet, so he left it in a box outside the zoo. The director of the zoo is thought (8) _________ be
unenthusiastic about looking after people's unwanted pets. No one knows what the rat thought about (9) _________ blown up.


Write a second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the word in brackets.

  • We have to test these products. (be)

These products have to be tested.
1. Pavarotti sang the song. (by) ______________________________
2. Nigel's passport was stolen. (had) ______________________________
3. They pay doctors a lot of money. (are) ______________________________
4. I hope they'll interview me for the job. (to) ______________________________
5. Someone was cleaning the floor. (being) ______________________________
6. A mechanic is repairing Judy's car. (having) ______________________________
7. Tessa lost her way. (got) ______________________________
8. Everyone agreed that the plan should go ahead. (it) ______________________________
9. When did they decorate your kitchen? (get) ______________________________
10. They say exercise is good for you. (be) ______________________________


Which of the two sentences follows on best?

  • There's going to be a big art exhibition.

a) ___ A lot of visitors will be attracted to it. b) + lt will attract a lot of visitors.
1. Our neighbours have got a cat and a dog.
a) ___ A lot of mice are caught by the cat. b) ___ The cat catches a lot of mice.
2. Last night Martin dreamt he saw his dead grandmother.
a) ___ A white dress was being worn by the ghost. b) ___ The ghost was wearing a white dress.
3. We've bought a new computer.
a) ___ It can do the job much more quickly. b) ___ The job can be done much more quickly.
4. My grandfather is very ill.
a) ___ He's being looked after in the local hospital. b) ___ The local hospital is looking after him.
5. We've completed the experiment.
a) ___ The media will publish the results. b) ___ The results will be published in the media.


Each of these sentences is incorrect. Write the correct sentence.

  • Those nice glasses got break.

Those nice glasses got broken.
1. The story was written Agatha Christie. ______________________________
2. Baseball do play at this stadium. ______________________________
3. This shift needs iron. ______________________________
4. I got cut my hair yesterday. ______________________________
5. It believes that there is going to be a war. ______________________________
6. My parents divorce themselves last year. ______________________________
7. I've got a report to be written. ______________________________
8. To the winner was given a prize. ______________________________
9. This man on TV supposes to be the tallest person in the world. ______________________________

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