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Test I

- Tests

Test I: This, my, some, a lot of, all, etc.



Look at what people are saying and choose the correct meaning.

  • Polly: Let's sit under these trees, shall we?

The trees are a) + near Polly. b) _ a long way away from Polly.
1. Martin: My friend and I ate a whole loaf.
Martin and his friend ate a) __ part of the loaf. b) __ all the loaf.
2. Nigel: The girls' dog has gone missing.
The dog belongs to a) __ one girl. b) __ more than one girl.
3. Tessa: My brother has got his own office.
Tessa's brother a) __ works alone in the office. b) __ shares the office with another person.
4. Nancy: The weather looks a little better, I think.
How does Nancy feel about the weather? a) __ Hopeful. b) __ Not very hopeful.
5. Ben: I can't answer either of these questions.
How many questions is Ben talking about? a) __ One. b) __ Two. c) __ More than two.
6. Adrian: The children can keep any tennis balls they find.
Will they find any tennis balls? a) __ Yes. b) __ No. c) __ Adrian doesn't know.


Decide which word is correct.

  • What colour shall we have? - I don't mind. Pick any colour you like.

a) any b) some c) that d) what
1. Peter has two brothers, but he doesn't speak to ___________ of them.
a) any b) both c) either d) neither
2. ___________ has left a bicycle outside.
a) Anyone b) Anything c) Someone d) Something
3. I like ___________ pictures here. - Yes, so do I.
a) that b) these c) this d) those
4. Would you mind waiting ___________ minutes?
a) a few b) a little c) few d) little
5. ___________ countries still have a king or a queen, don't they?
a) Any b) Half c) Part d) Some
6. Safety should come first. ___________ lives shouldn't be put at risk.
a) People b) Peoples c) People's d) Peoples'
7. Nigel isn't very well. - Oh, I'm sorry to hear ___________.
a) so b) that c) this d) you
8. Mr. Jones is an uncle of ___________ .
a) Polly b) Pollys c) Polly's d) Pollys'


Tessa is walking along the street when she sees her old friend Angela.
Read the conversation and write the missing words. Use one word only in each space.

Tessa: Hello, Angela. How are you?
Angela: Tessa! Hello! Shall we have lunch together?
Tessa: I was just going to the bank to get
some money. I have to be back at the office in
(1) _________ few minutes. My life's one mad rush.
Angela: So is (2) _________. I'm working for Tuffex Plastics now. And my daughter has invited
three friends (3) _________ hers to stay. I wish I didn't have so (4) _________ things to do at
Tessa: I'm glad I’ve run into you. I never see (5) _________ else from our old gang. (6) _________ of
them seem to be around any more.
Angela: I think they’ve (7) _________ moved away, except us two. Carol went to Japan.
Tessa: Angela, would you like to come for a meal some time?
Angela: Oh, that would be lovely. We’ll certainly have a (8) _________ to talk about.
Tessa: Maybe we’ll need a (9) _________ day. What about the Saturday after next?


Each of the sentences has a mistake in it. Write the correct sentence.

- Are you going on holiday that year?
1. That was a very good idea of you.
2. You've got a lot of books, haven't you?
3. I don't know the meeting's time.
4. Nigel has hurt the leg.
5. All rooms in the house were cold.
6. Wear everything it doesn't matter what.
7. Every of the four doors was locked.
8. I live my life, and my sister lives her.
9. The both socks have got holes in them.
10. Here's a copy of this week magazine.
11. This sweater is losing it's colour.
12. I want some paper, but there's no in here.

Are you going on holiday this year?


Write a second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the word in brackets.

  • When I was on holiday, it rained all week. (whole)

When I was on holiday, it rained the whole week.
1. I've lived here more than half my life. (most) __________________________________
2. All the hotels were full. (every) __________________________________
3. The house on the corner is bigger than our house. (ours) __________________________________
4. I've forgotten my doctor's name. (of) __________________________________
5. We haven't had much warning of the changes. (little) __________________________________
6. Such a large number of people have applied for the job. (so) __________________________________
7. I met one of your old boyfriends at a party. (an) __________________________________
8. Both the chairs are uncomfortable. (neither) __________________________________
9. My holiday starts ten days from now. (time) __________________________________

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