Test E

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Test E: Comparative and superlative



Write the comparative form of the words in brackets.

  • They've made these chocolate bars smaller (small) .
  • Sport is more interesting (interesting) than politics.

1. Can't you think of anything _____________(intelligent) to say?
2. Well, the place looks _____________(clean) now.
3. Janet looks ____________(thin) than she did.
4. You need to draw it ______________(carefully) .
5. The weather is getting ___________ (bad).
6. The programme will be shown at a __________ (late) date.
7. I can't stay ________________(long) than half an hour.
8. A mobile phone would be a_______________ (useful) present.
9. I'll try to finish the job ________________ (soon).
10. It was_______________ (busy) than usual in town today.
11. I'll be even_____________ (annoyed) if you do that again.
12. Since the break-in I feel ____________ (nervous).


Write the superlative form of the words in brackets.

  • It's the shortest (short) day of the year.
  • It's the most beautiful (beautiful) building in the world.

1. That was the __________ (funny) film I've ever seen.
2. It was the ______________(horrible) feeling I've ever had.
3. Have you read her ______________(recent) book?
4. It's the _______________(large) company in the country.
5. It was the _______________(boring) speech I've ever heard.
6. You've got the _______________(far) to travel.
7. That's the _____________(helpful) idea so far.
8. The factory uses the ________________ (modern) production methods.
9. This is the __________________(early) I've ever got up.
10. It was the ________________(sad) day of my life.


Some of these sentences are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If a sentence is correct, put a tick (+). If it is incorrect, write it correctly.

- I've got the least powerful computer in the world.
- London is more bigger than Birmingham.
1. Silver isn't as expensive as gold.
2. Indian food is the nicer than Chinese, I think.
3. The telephone is one of the most useful inventions ever.
4. I feel a much better now, thank you.
5. The longer you wait, so the harder it'll be.
6. The piano is heavier than the sofa.
7. This is the quickest way to the hotel.
8. You're taller than he is.
9. Who is the cleverest student in of the class?
10. The weather is getting hotter and hotter.



Read this part of Tessas letter to her friend Angela about her new job.
Then look at the answers after the letter and write the correct answer in each space.

My new job is great. I like it much better than my old one. The people here are (1) __________ than I expected. Luckily my new boss isnt as rude (2) __________ my old boss, Mrs. Crossley, was. I hated her. She was the (3) __________ friendly person Ive ever met. Everyone here is older (4) __________ In fact Im the youngest person (5) __________ the office. But I don't mind.

The good thing about the job is that I get a (6) __________ more money, although not much more than I did before. The bad thing is that the journey isnt (7) __________ simple as it was in myoid job, where the bus took me straight there. Now I have to change buses. But Im allowed to start work early. The earlier I leave home, (8) __________ the journey is because the buses aren't so crowded.


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the word in brackets.

  • This train is more convenient than all the others. (most)

This train is the most convenient.
1. The living-room isn't as big as the kitchen. (bigger)
The kitchen __________.
2. I'm not as fit as you. (am)
You're __________.
3. The table and the desk are the same size. (big)
The table __________the desk.
4. Prices just get higher all the time. (and)
Prices __________.
5. The dress is cheaper than the skirt. (expensive)
The skirt __________ the dress.
6. This crossword is the easiest. (difficult)
This crossword __________.
7. Their excitement was increasing all the time. (excited)
They were getting __________.
8. I've never read a more romantic story. (most)
It's the __________read.

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