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Test C

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Test C: Tenses - past and perfect



Read the conversation. Then look at the answers below and write the correct answer in each space.

Tessa: Hello, Robert. I haven’t seen you for ages.
Robert: Hello, Tessa. Great to see you. What have you (1) ___________ doing lately?
Tessa: (2) ____________just started a new job in computer software.
Robert: You (3) ___________working for Tuffex Plastics when we last met.
Tessa: That's right. I hadn't (4) _____________working there long before I got fed up. I (5) _______
realized what a horrible job it would be. But what about you? (6) _____________you found a job?
Robert: Well, six months ago I (7) _____________ working for a car hire company, but then they (8)
___________ bankrupt. So I’m out of work now. (9) ____________been looking around for
another job.
Tessa: Well, I’m sure you’ll find one soon.


Write a second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the word in brackets.

  • Susan had a green dress on. (wearing)

Susan was wearing a green dress.
1. The doctor began work at six o'clock and is still working. (has) _________________________________
2. Rupert didn't have his credit card. (forgotten) _________________________________
3. I didn't want to go without taking a photo. (until) _________________________________
4. Nancy has been writing the report. It is finished now. (written) _________________________________
5. My wait in the queue has lasted forty minutes so far. (I) _________________________________
6. When we arrived, everyone was on the dance floor. (dancing) _________________________________
7. The computer has been mine for four years. (had) _________________________________
8. In the middle of our lunch there was a knock at the door. (when) _________________________________
9. Nigel felt sick from eating too many cakes. (because) _________________________________


Write the sentences correctly.

  • I like this CD. I've been having it for ages.

I've had it for ages.
1. It was my first day back at work. I was on holiday.

2. I'm quite tired now. I play badminton.

3. I had to sit down. I'd been having a shock.

4. You need a rest. How much have you been working?
5. The robbery happened at midday. Lots of people walked along the street outside.
6. My sister speaks good English. She is practising her English since last summer.
7. At last I have my qualification. I've been passing my exam.
8. Michelle looked really sunburnt. She'd lie in the sun for too long.
9. We got to the coach stop at nine yesterday. But the coach has already gone.


Complete the conversations. Put in the correct form of each verb.

  • A: Did you buy (you /buy) anything at the antiques sale yesterday?

B: No. I wanted (I /want) to buy some jewellery, but I'd left (I /leave) my credit card at home.
1. A: Are you still copying those addresses?
B: No, that's all of them. ____________ (I/finish) now.
2. A: The train is never going to get here.
B: How long _____________ (we / wait) now?
A: At least half an hour ____________ (we / be) here since ten to five.
3. A: Did you have a nice chat with Tessa?
B: No, not really. When ____________ (we /drink) our coffee, ______________ (she /hurry) off home.
4. A: It's terrible about that plane crash, isn't it?
B: Yes, awful___________ (I/ have) breakfast when __________(I / hear) the news.
5. A: So you sing in a rock band, do you? How long ______________(you / do) that?
B: Oh, since I was sixteen. ________________(we / do) about a dozen concerts.
6. A: Do you know what Polly was so upset about yesterday?
B: No, I don't. But I'm sure ____________ (she /cry). Her eyes looked red.
A: Perhaps _________________(she / have) some bad news.
7. A: The shooting was very frightening, I suppose.
B: It certainly was. When we __________(hear) the shot, we all ____________(throw) ourselves
to the floor.

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