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Test B

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Test B: Present Perfect and Past Simple



Put in the past participles of the verbs in brackets.

  • We've found (find) all the answers.

1. Have you ________(wash) the car?
2. You haven't ___________(eat) very much.
3. They've ________(open) a new supermarket.
4. You've __________(write) it in pencil.
5. I've _____________(make) the sandwiches.
6. We've ______________(have) our lunch.
7. United have ____________(score) a goal.
8. The balloon has _________ (land) in a field.
9. Who's _____________(break) this glass?
10. It's warm because the heating has ___________(be) on.
11. Have you ___________(sell) your flat yet?
12. I've ____________(finish) that job at last.


Complete the second sentence so that it follows on from the first. Use the Present Perfect.

  • My hair is tidy now. I've brushed my hair.

1. The door is open. Someone ___________the door.
2. This is Oliver's drawing, look. Oliver ___________a picture.
3. The calculator is broken. Someone _____________ the calculator.
4. United are the winners. United ____________ the game.
5. There's no more wine in the bottle. We ____________all the wine.
6. The floor is clean now. I ___________the floor.
7. I know my number now. I ___________my number by heart.
8. The guests are here now. The guests__________________.
9. I'm still working on the computer. I _________________with the computer yet.


Decide which word is correct.

  • I'd like to borrow this book. Has Anna read it yet?

a) done b) for c) just d) yet
1. Ben writes very quickly. He's _________finished his essay.
a) already b) been c) for d) yet
2. What are you going to do? - I don't know. I haven't decided _______________.
a) just b) long c) since d) yet
3. I've ___________ to London. I went there in June.
a) been b) gone c) just d) yet
4. Have you ____________done any skiing?
a) ever b) for c) just d) long
5. My boyfriend hasn't rung ______________week.
a) for b) last c) since d) this
6. I haven't seen that coat before. How ________________have you had it?
a) already b) for c) long d) since
7. The girls have ____________to the cinema. They won't be back until ten o'clock.
a) already b) been c) gone d) just
8. I haven't seen my parents __________last Christmas.
a) already b) before c) for d) since
9. This is the first ___________ I've ever lived away from home.
a) already b) since c) that d) time
10. This programme must be new. I've ___________ seen it before.
a) ever b) never c) since d) yet


Some of these sentences are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If the sentence is correct, put a tick (+). If it is incorrect, mark coloured the unnecessary have or has in the sentence and put (-).

Susan has lost her keys. She can't find them anywhere. +
Christopher has hurt his hand, but it's OK now. -
1. The directors have arrived half an hour ago, but they didn't stay long. __________
2. It's raining, and Peter has left his umbrella behind, look. __________
3. It's a long time since your friends have last visited us. __________
4. None of you have called me for weeks. Aren't we friends any more? __________
5. We can play tennis now. The others have finished. __________
6. The company has bought some land, but then it sold it. __________
7. The computer isn't on now. Someone has turned it off. __________
8. Tessa has posted the parcel. It's on its way to you. __________
9. Several bombs have gone off in the city centre. It has happened an hour ago. __________
10. Simon has left. He and Oliver have left after lunch. __________


Put in the Present Perfect or Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.

  • I've had (have) these shoes since my eighteenth birthday.
  • I tidied (tidy) my desk, but now it's in a mess again.

1. The last time I__________ (go) to Brighton was in August.
2. I'd like to meet a ghost, but I __________(never / see) one.
3. I've finished my homework. I ___________(do) it before tea.
4. And the race is over! And Micky Simpson ____________(win) in a record time!
5. I ___________(work) for a computer company for a year. That was after college.
6. What time ______________(you / get) to work this morning?
7. Martin ___________(be) to Greece five times. He loves the place.
8. The President _______________ (come) out of the building and is going to make a speech.
9. You won't believe this, but I've got some tickets for the concert. - Oh, well done. How __________ (you / get) them?
10. Of course I can ride a bike. But I___________ (not / ride) one for years.
11. Marilyn Monroe ___________ (be) in about thirty films.
12. _____________(you / ever/ bake) your own bread? - No, but I might try it some time.
13. Janet _____________(be) very ill three years ago.
14. Rupert has left a message for you. He ____________ (ring) last night.
15. ________________(you / see) the news today? - No, not yet. I'll watch it at ten.
16. We moved here in 1993. We ___________(be) here a long time now.

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