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Test A

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Test A: Tenses – Present



Read the conversation between two students. Then look at the answers below and write the correct answer in each space.

Lisa: Who is Michelle talking to?
Amy: I can't see Michelle.
Lisa: You (1) __________ looking in the right place. She's over there.
Amy: Oh, that’s Adrian. He's new here.
Lisa: Really? Where (2) ____________ he live? (3) ______________you know?
Amy: No, I (4) ____________know anything else about him.
Lisa: What (5) ___________they talking about, I wonder?
Amy: Well, he (6) ____________ look very interested. He's got a very bored expression on his face. And he (7) ___________ saying anything.


Read Tessa's postcard to Angela and write the missing words. Use one word only in each space.

We're having a great time here. It's beautiful, and the sun (1) __________shining. Yesterday I went water-skiing! What (2) _____________you think of that? I'm (3) ___________room is fine, but we (4) _______ like the food very much. But it (5) _____________ matter because we (6)____________ out to a
restaurant every evening.
We're both (7) _________very lazy at the moment. I (8) _____________up quite late in the morning, and Nigel (9) _____________ up even later. You know of course how much Nigel's work (10)____________ to him and how he's (11) ___________talking about it. Well, the holiday is so good that he's forgotten all about work. So it’s the perfect holiday. The only problem is that it's (12)_____________ us a lot of money. But we'll worry about that later.


Each of these sentences has a mistake in it. Write the correct sentence.

  • The children is doing their homework now.
  • The children are doing their homework now.

1. The girls are play tennis at the moment.
2. Both my brothers likes sport.
3. Anna wearing her new coat today.
4. What colour you like best?
5. My suitcase is weighing ten kilos.
6. At the moment I stay at a hotel.
7. Robert catch the same bus every morning.


Complete the conversations. Put in the correct form of each verb.
Use the Present Continuous or the Present Simple.

  • A: Is Janet in, please?

B: Yes, but I think (I / think) she's busy at the moment. She's washing (she / wash) her hair.
1. A: _____________(I / think) of buying a new computer.
B: But computers __________ (cost) so much money. What's wrong with the one we've got?
A: ____________(it / get) out of date now.
2. A: Your new trousers __________ (look) nice.
B: Thank you. The trouble is____________ (they / not / fit) properly. __________ (I / not / know) why I bought them, really.
3. A: What ____________ (you / do)?
B: ___________ (I / weigh) this letter . ____________(I / need) to know how many stamps to put on it
4. A: ____________(I / think) this road is really dangerous. Look how fast that lorry _________ (go).
B: ____________(I / agree). People shouldn't go so fast.
5. A: _________ (I / like) musicals. And this is a great show, isn't it? ___________(you / enjoy) it?
B: Yes, I am ____________(I / love) every minute of it
6. A: _____________(I / always / fall) asleep. I just can't keep awake.
B: What time ____________(you / go) to bed?
A: About ten o'clock usually. But_____________ (it / not / make) any difference.
7. A: Could you post the goods to me, please?
B: Yes, certainly.
A: _______________(I / live) at a guest house at the moment as __________ (I / look) for a flat.
So could you send it to my work address?
B: Yes, of course. And you'll have the goods by the end of the week, _________(I / promise).
8. A: Why ____________ (you /want) to change the whole plan?
B: I'm just not happy with it
A: And ___________(I / not /understand) why_____________ (you / be) so difficult about it.

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