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Key to the exercises

- Keys

1. Past Perfect
1 b ) 2 a) 3 a) 4 b )
1 The train had just gone.
2 The rain had stopped.
3 I'd/I had forgotten my ticket.
4 They'd/They had stolen it a week before.
5 I hadn't seen her for ages.
6 I'd/ I had just cleaned it.
7 I'd/I had already eaten my sandwiches.
1 I had left
2 've/have finished
3 've/have ea ten
4 'd/had ordered
5 've/have made
6 had told
7 'd had/had had
8 's/has started
9 've/have turned
10 'd/had made

2. Past Perfect Continuous
1 I'd/I had been working
2 I hadn't been looking
3 she'd/she had been dealing
4 I'd/I had been waiting
5 I'd/I had been reading
1 She'd/She had been crying.
2 He'd/He had been driving too fast.
3 They'd/They had been playing with matches.
4 He'd/He had been standing under a tree.
1 had been watching
2 'd/had been playing, hadn't won
3 ' d/had been walking, d/had walked
4 'd/had stopped, was smoking
5 has been aching
6 was lying, 'd/had bought , 'd/had been reading

3. The verb have
1 She's/She has got a map. or She has a map.
2 He hasn't got an umbrella. or He doesn't have an umbrella.
3 They've/They have got a rabbit. or They have a rabbit.
4 They haven't got a car. or They don't have a car.
1 Has ... got
2 hasn't got
3 didn't have
4 didn't have
5 haven't got
1 played
2 drinks
3 spent
4 received
1 we're/we are having
2 you've/you have got or you have
3 it hasn't got or it doesn't have
4 Did you have
5 I had
6 Have you got or Do you have
7 have
8 I didn't have

4. Used to do and be used to doing
1 We used to like
2 used to be
3 we didn't use to have
4 did you use to help
5 I used to look
1 's/is used to flying planes.
2 used to play badminton.
3 's/is used to climbing mountains.
1 to living
2 to stop
3 to work
4 to be
S to drinking
6 to being
7 to have

5. Present tenses for the future
1 future
2 future
3 present
4 future
5 present
1 She's/She is working on Saturday.
2 She's/She is flying to Cairo on IS May.
3 He's/He is seeing his boss at four o'clock this afternoon.
4 They're/They are playing tennis tomorrow afternoon.
1 I'm/I am going
2 He's/He is staying
3 gets
4 are you doing
5 I'm/I am going
6 finishes
7 we're/we are going
1 's/is about to win
2 are to go
3 is to visit
4 're/are about to move
5 are to take

6. Be going to
1 He's/He is going to light the firework.
2 She's/She is going to hit the ball.
3 They're/They are going to catch a bus.
4 She's/She is going to answer the phone.
1 I'm/I am going to lend
2 He's/He is going to take
3 It's/It is going to be
4 is he going to keep
5 are we going to get
6 He's/He is going to have
7 We're/We are going to get
8 it isn't going to get
1 I'm/I am going to get wet.
2 I'm/I am going to be sick.
3 I'm/I am going to lose.
4 It's/It is going to crash!
5 It isn't going to stop.

7. Will and shall
1 future
2 decision
3 future
4 decision
5 future
1 I'll answer it/the phone.
2 I'll have (the) chicken (, please).
3 I'll carry the/your bag (for you).
4 I'll post it/the letter (for you),
1 Tom will watch the match.
2 Harriet's party will be fun.
3 Trevor won't put up the shelves.
4 Laura will be annoyed.
5 Andrew will study all weekend.
6 Rachel won't do any work.
1 will
2 Shall
3 will
4 will
5 will
6 Shall

8. Will and be going to
1 's/is going to read
2 'll have
3 'll video
4 are you going to buy
1 It's/It is going to attack us/me.
2 aliens will land on the earth in the next ten years .
3 she's/she is going to get married.
4 I'll invite her for a meal.
1 We're/We are going to build
2 will be (or is going to be)
3 will like (or are going to like)
4 will be (or are going to be)
5 We aren't going to cut (or We won't cut)
6 We're/We are going to have
7 will be or is going to be
8 We're/We are going to stop or We will stop

9. Will be doing
1 I'll/I will be earning
2 I'll/I will be doing
3 will you be doing
4 I'll/I will be giving
5 who'll/who will be doing
6 you'll /you will be playing
1 I'll/I will be seeing her
2 I'll/ I will be going there next summer
3 I'll/ I will be playi ng (it/badminton) next weekend.
4 I'll/ I will be having lunch/ it in the canteen tomorrow. or I'll/ I will be having lunch/it
there tomorrow.
1 Will you be going to the library today?
2 Will you be writing to Vicky soon?
3 Will you be using your calculator this afternoon?
4 Will you be seeing Daniel tomorrow?
5 Will you be driving to the festival?
6 Will you be phoning your sister soon?

10. When I get there, before I leave, etc.
1 When Mark sees the boss, he's/he is going to discuss his problem.
2 When Rachel uses the computer (later), she's/she is going to send an email.
3 When Tom visits David in hospital, he's/he is going to tell him about United's win.
4 When Matthew's/Matthew is in town tomorrow, he might buy some new trainers.
1 you need
2 you get
3 I hire
4 it'll/it will be
5 I'll/I will get
6 there's/there is
7 I arrive
8 I'll/I will ring
9 I'll/I will be
10 I hear
11 I'm/I am
12 I'll/I will lie
13 I go
14 You' ll/You will be
15 you don't get
1 You shouldn't decide until you've/you have thought about it (first).
2 I'll think of you next week when I'm/I am lying on the beach.
3 We ought to/We can leave as soon as I've/Ihave paid the bill.
4 We can discuss it (later) while we're/we are sitting on the plane together.
5 You can use the computer when I've/I have finished with it.

11. Review of the future
1 It will/ it'1I be
2 who will/who' ll answer or who will /who'll be answering
3 will be answering
4 he'll /he will still be giving
5 he'll /he will have replied
6 he won't/will not be eating or he won't/will not eat
7 will be
8 he'll /he will have earned
9 we' ll/we will be returning or we'll/we will return
10 he' ll/he will have got
1 'm/am going to get up early tomorrow.
2 arrives at ten thirty.
3 I'm/l am seeing my bank manager tomorrow.
4 I'm/I am about to go out.
5 There's/There is going to be trouble.
1 I'm/I am spending or I'm/l am going to spend
2 I'm/I am going to look or I’ll/I will be looking
3 That'll/That will be or That's/That is going to be
4 I'll/ I will be or I'm/ I am going to be
5 Are you staying/ Are you going to stay or Will you be staying/Will you stay
6 I'm/I am staying or I'm/I am going to stay or I'll/ I will be staying
7 I'm/ I am going to see or I'm/ I am seeing or I’ll/ I will be seeing or I'll/ I will see
8 I'm/I am going or I’ll/I will be going
9 we might see or we' ll/we will probably see or we' re/we are probably going to see
10 do you leave or are you leaving or will you be leaving
11 is
12 I'll/ I will see

12. Direct speech and reported speech
1 she can't sleep.
2 he's/he has hurt his back.
3 She says she feels sick all the time.
4 He says he fell over and hurt himself.
1 Stokeley Carmichael said (that) black is beautiful.
2 Galileo said (that) the earth moves round the sun.
3 Shakespeare said (that) all the world's a stage.
4 George Orwell said (that) Big Brother is watching you.
1 tell
2 say
3 say
4 say
S tell
6 tell
7 tell
8 say

13. Reported speech: person, place and time
1 Trevor
2 1998
3 April
4 (about) two weeks
1 you
2 he, your
3 he, you
1 the day before/the previous day
2 that day
3 here
4 the week before/the previous week

14. Wh-questions
1 What's/What is the date (today)?
2 When does the course finish?
3 Who have you invited (to your party)?
4 How can I/we get tickets (to the concert)?
5 Where are we going to have lunch? or Where shall we have lunch?
1 Where
2 How many
3 When
4 Who
5 What
6 How far
7 How often
8 What kind
9 How long
1 where do you record
2 How many programmes have you done?
3 How much money do you earn?
4 When did you start acting?
5 What are your plans for the future?

15. Reported questions
1 She wants to know how she can find out about the area.
2 He wants to know if/whether there are any guided tours.
3 They want to know where they can stay.
4 They want to know what shows there are.
1 Do you know if I can park here?
2 Could you tell me how long the film lasts?
3 Do you know how often the buses run?
4 Do you know if we are/we're allowed to smoke?
5 Could you tell me what time the flight is?
6 Could you tell me how much a ticket costs?
1 why I wanted the job.
2 how I (had) heard about it.
3 if/whether I was fit.
4 if/whether I could work on Saturdays.
5 how I would/I'd travel to work.
6 if/whether I had (got) a bicycle.
7 how much I hoped to earn.
8 when I could start.

16. So/neither do I and I think so
1 neither am I
2 Neither can I
3 so am I
4 so do I
5 Neither have I
6 so would I
1 neither does Emma.
2 so has Emma.
3 neither can Mark.
4 neither is Melanie.
5 so does Emma.
6 so does Claire.
1 I don't expect so
2 I suppose so
3 I hope not
4 I don't think so
5 I'm afraid not

17. Question tags
1 a comment
2 a comment
3 a question
4 a question
1 isn't it?
2 are there?
3 aren't you?
4 didn't you?
5 don't they?
6 can't we?
7 was it?
1 don't you?
2 haven't I?
3 aren't you?
4 do you?
5 does it?
6 is there?
7 can you?
1 Let's listen to some music, shall we?
2 Don't do anything silly, will you?
3 You haven't got a train timetable, have you?
4 Pass me the salt, can you?/could you? or You couldn't pass me the salt, could you?

18. Have something done
1 had his car repaired.
2 is having her photo taken.
3 had his windows cleaned.
4 is having her eyes tested.
1 David (has) had his arm bandaged.
2 Daniel is going to have his tooth filled.
3 Laura is having her photos developed.
1 did you get your arm bandaged, David?
2 did you get your tooth filled, Daniel?
3 did you get your photos developed, Laura?
1 Tom had his car stolen from outside his house.
2 Rita had her rent increased by ten per cent.
3 David has had his electricity cut off.

19. Conditionals 1
1 I ask
2 there are
3 it's
4 won't cost
5 share
6 I see
7 I'll ask
1 If Rachel fails her driving test, she can take it again.
2 If United lose, Tom will be upset.
3 If the office is closed, Mark won't be able to get in.
4 If Nick arrives a bit early, he can help Tom to get things ready.
5 If the party goes on all night, no one will want to do any work tomorrow.
6 If Emma misses the train, she can get the next one.
7 If Matthew enters the race, he'll probably win it.
1 If you get promoted, your salary goes up.
2 If I drink coffee late at night, I can't sleep.
3 If you don't pay the bill, you get a warning letter.
4 If I try to run fast, I get out of breath.
5 If someone enters the building, the alarm goes off .

20. Conditionals 2
1 If I had a dictionary, I could look the word up.
2 If I wasn't so busy, I'd/I would write to my friends.
3 If my back wasn't aching, I could play tennis.
4 if Claire loved Henry, she'd/she would marry him.
5 if he had a map, he could find the way.
6 if he/David wasn't so clumsy, he wouldn't have so many accidents.
1 you wouldn't play
2 we go
3 I didn't play
4 it'd befit would be
5 you think
6 you thought
7 it'd be/it would be
8 it won't do
9 I wouldn't get
1 The phone isn't working.
2 It might rain.
3 Mike isn't here.
4 The/This spoon isn't silver.
5 Sarah might call.

21. Conditionals 3
1 would have been
2 had lost
3 would have scored
4 she'd been/she had been
5 hadn't been
6 wouldn't have given
7 hadn't been
8 it would have been
9 we'd have beaten/we would have beaten
10 he'd been/he had been
1 The guests could/would have had their lunch outside if it had been warm enough/if it
hadn't been so cold.
2 Sarah could/would have flown to Rome if the airport hadn't been closed/had been open.
3 Laura might have recognized Nick if he hadn't had a crash-helmet on.
4 Sarah's plants wouldn't have died/might not have died if she'd/she had watered them.
5 Nick could/would have got in (to the ice hockey game) if he'd/he had had a ticket.
1 he was/were, he'd/he would have put
2 I'd/I had paid, I wouldn't be
3 you loved, you wouldn't have left

22. Wish and if only
1 I wish you'd/you would hurry up.
2 I wish you'd/you would do the washing-up.
3 I wish you'd/you would tell me the whole story.
4 I wish you wouldn't blow cigarette smoke in my face.
5 I wish you'd/you would tell me what you're thinking.
1 I wish/If only I wasn't so tired.
2 I wish/If only I didn't get (these) headaches.
3 I wish/If only my work was going well/better.
4 I wish/If only I could concentrate.
5 I wish/If only life wasn't so complicated.
1 I'd/I had caught it.
2 she'd/she had stayed (there) .
3 she'd/she had accepted it.
4 I'd/I had found it. or I could have found it.
5 he could have played
1 I hadn't asked you (to marry me)
2 you wouldn't talk nonsense
3 I was a young man
4 you would/you'd listen
5 I'd/I had met you or I could have met you

23. There and it
1 There's/There is a balloon in the sky.
2 There are some boxes on the car.
3 There's/There is an elephant in the garden.
1 There's/There is, There'll be
2 are there, There's/There has been or There was
3 there was, There ... have been
1 It was very cheap.
2 It was Vicky.
3 It's/It is a nuisance.
4 It's/ It is very warm.
5 It's/It is important to keep it somewhere safe.
1 There
2 It
3 There, It
4 there, it
5 It, there, It, there

24. Some and any
1 She's/She has got some cats.
2 He hasn't got any petrol.
3 He's/He has got some poison.
1 any
2 any
3 some
4 some
5 some
6 any
1 some, anything
2 someone, any/some
3 anyone (or someone), any
4 something, some
1 anyone
2 any bus
3 any colour
4 anything
5 any day

25. Everyone, something, etc.
1 everyone/everybody, no one/nobody
2 someone/somebody, something
3 somewhere, Someone/somebody
4 everywhere, nothing
1 someone
2 anyone
3 somewhere
4 anywhere
5 anything
6 something
1 his
2 it
3 likes, they
4 has, their
1 once met someone famous.
2 Someone's car is blocking me in.
3 I've got something else/something different to tell you.
4 We know everyone's opinions/opinion.
5 Everyone else except you is going.
6 Nothing exciting ever happens here.

26. A lot of, lots of, many, much, (a) few and (a) little
1 She hasn't had many lessons yet.
2 I'll have to make a lot (of it).
3 I haven't got much energy.
4 Maybe you should add a little water/a few drops of water.
5 We've invited lots of friends/a lot of friends.
1 a lot of
2 many/a lot of
3 many
4 a lot of
5 much/a lot of
6 many/a lot of
7 much
1 few
2 little
3 a little
4 a few
5 little
6 a few
1 much
2 little
3 much
4 many
5 few
6 little

27. All, half, most, some, no and none
1 Some of them
2 most of them
3 Half of them
4 All of them
5 some of them
6 None of them
1 She got some of them right.
2 He got most of them right.
3 He got all of them right.
4 She got none of them right.
1 most people
2 No student/No students
3 Most of the money
4 All cars

5 All fruit/Most fruit
6 All (of) the lights

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