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13. Reported speech: person, place and time

- Practice

A Changes in reported speech (1-2)

Read what each person says and then complete the sentences.

  • Vicky: Daniel told me on Friday that he'd had a job interview the previous day.

Daniel had a job interview on Thursday.
1. Trevor: Laura tells me I need a haircut.
____________ needs a haircut.
2. Claire: My brother told me in 2002 that he expected to become Manager the following year.
Claire's brother expected that he would become Manager in ______________ .
3. Alice: I wanted to see Mark in April, but he said he was very busy that month.
Mark was very busy in ______________ .
4. Harriet: I saw Nick last week. He said he'd given up smoking the week before.
Nick gave up smoking _____________ ago.

B Changes of person (1-2)

Put in the missing words.

C Changes of place and time (1-2)

Put in here, that day, the day before, the next day, the week before.

  • Rachel (a week ago): I'm taking my driving test tomorrow.

You (today): When I saw Rachel, she said she was taking her driving test the next day.
1. Emma (two days ago): I've only had this new computer since yesterday.
You (today): __________________________ .
2. Matthew (a week ago): I'm meeting a friend at the station later today.
You (today): Matthew said he was meeting a friend at the station later ______________ .
3. Mark (in the street): I'll see you in the office.
You (in the office): Mark said he would see me ______________________ .
4. Sarah (a month ago): The conference was last week.
You (today): Sarah told me the conference had taken place Emma said she'd only had the new computer since _____________________ .

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