7. Necessity: mustnt, neednt, etc.

- Practice

A Must, mustn't or needn't? (1)

Put in must, mustn't or needn't.

  • Laura: You needn't take an umbrella. It isn't going to rain.

Trevor: Well, I don't know. It might do.
Laura: Don't lose it then. You mustn't leave it on the bus.
1. Vicky: Come on. We __________hurry. We ___________be late.
Rachel: It's only ten past. We ____________hurry. There's lots of time.
2. Claire: My sister and I are going a different way.
Guide: Oh, you _______go off on your own. It isn't safe. We ________ keep together in a group.
3. David: I'll put these cups in the dishwasher.
Melanie: No, you _________put them in there. It might damage them. In fact, we ___________ wash them at all. We didn't use them.
4. Secretary: I __________forget to type this letter.
Mark: Yes, it __________go in the post today because it's quite urgent. But the report isn't so important. You __________type the report today.

B Don't have to (2)

An old woman is talking to a reporter from her local newspaper. She is comparing life today with life in the past. Complete her sentences using don't have to, doesn't have to or didn't have to.

  • We had to make our own fun in the old days. There wasn't any television then. These days people

don't have to make their own fun.
1. There's so much traffic now. You have to wait ages to cross the road. In those days you________.
2. I had to work long hours when I was young. But children today have it easy.
They _____________.
3. My father had to work in a factory when he was twelve. Just imagine! Today a twelve-year-old
child ________________ .
4. There's so much crime today, isn't there? People have to lock their doors now. It was better in the
old days when people .
5. We had to wash our clothes by hand. There weren't any washing-machines, you know. Nowadays

C Didn't need to or needn't have? (3)

Write the sentences using didn't need to or needn't have.

  • The previous owners had already decorated the flat, so we didn't need to decorate it ourselves (we / decorate / it / ourselves).

1. Luckily we were able to sell our old flat before we bought the new one, so ____________(we / borrow / any money).
2. It was very hot yesterday, so I watered all the flowers.
And now it's pouring with rain. ____________ (I / bother).
3. We've done the journey much more quickly than I expected. ___________ (we / leave / so early).
4. A friend had already given me a free ticket to the exhibition, so ____________(I / pay / to go in).
5. Service was included in the bill, so ____________(you / tip / the waiter). It was a waste of money.

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