5. Possibility and certainty: may, might, could and must, etc.

- Practice

A Might be and might be doing (1)

Vicky and Rachel are at college. They're looking for their friend Natasha. Complete the conversation.
may or might and the verb in brackets. Sometimes you need to use the continuous.

Vicky: I cant find Natasha. Have you seen her?
She might be (she / be) in the music room. She may be practising (she / practise).
Vicky: No, she isn't there. I thought (1) __________(she / be) with you.
Rachel: It's a nice day. (2) ___________(she / be) on the lawn. (3) __________(she / sit) out there reading the paper. Or (4) ___________(she / have) a coffee. (5) _________(you /find) her in the canteen.
Emma: No, Ive looked there.
Rachel: Well, here comes Jessica. (6) __________(she / know).

B May and might (1-2)

Add a sentence with may or might (both are correct).

  • I'm not sure if it's going to rain. It might rain.
  • I don't know if we'll see an elephant We may see one.

1. I can't say whether Daniel will win. ____________ .
2. I haven't decided if I'm having a holiday. ________________ .
3. I don't know if we'll get an invitation. ________________ .
4. I've no idea whether Sarah will be late ________________ .
5. I'm not sure if my friends are visiting me ________________ .

C Mightn't and couldn't (2)

Put in mightn't or couldn't.

  • I've got one or two things to do, so I mightn't have time to come out tonight
  • David couldn't work as a taxi driver. He can't drive.

1. We're going to need lots of glasses. We ______________have enough, you know.
2. Mark _____________be in the office tomorrow. He thinks he's getting a cold.
3. We ______________possibly have a dog, living in a small flat like this.
4. How can you work with all this noise? I __________work in such conditions.
5. Don't come tomorrow because I __________be in. I'm not sure what I'm doing.

D Must, can't and might (1, 3)

A reporter is interviewing Mrs. Miles for a TV news programme.
Complete the conversation. Put in
must, can't or might.

Mrs. Miles: My name's Nora Miles and Im going to do a parachute jump.
Reporter: Mrs. Miles, you're seventy-three, and youre going to jump out of an aeroplane.
must be mad. You (1) ________be serious.
Mrs. Miles: It really (2) ____________be wonderful to look down from the sky. I've always wanted to try it.
Reporter: But anything could happen. You (3)____________ be injured or even killed. I wouldn't take the risk.

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