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6. Necessity: have to and must

- Practice

A Have to (1)

Complete the conversations. Use the words in brackets and a form of have to.

  • Melanie: David's broken his leg. He's had to go (he's / go) to hospital.

Harriet: Oh no! How long will he have to stay (will / he /stay) there?
Melanie: I don't know.
1. Claire: I parked my car outside the hairdresser's, and while I was in there, the police took the car away. I've got it back now. But ____________(I / pay) a lot of money.
Henry: How much ______________(you / pay)?
Claire: Two hundred pounds!
2. Trevor: That door doesn't shut properly. _____________(you / slam) it every time
Laura: _______________(you / will / fix) it then, won't you?
3. Jessica: You're always taking exams. Why _______________ (you / take) so many?
Andrew: ____________(I / will / take) a lot more if I want a good job.
4. Mike: We're in a 'new house now. _________________(we / move) . The old place was too small.
Nick: Did it take you long to find a house?
Mike: No, we found one easily. ___________(we / not / look) very hard. But it was in bad condition.______________ (we've / do) a lot of work on it.
5. Nick: My brother______________(start) work at five o'clock in the morning.
Melanie: That's pretty early. What time__________ (he / get) up?
Nick: Half past three.

B Must and have to (2)

Write a sentence with must, have to or has to.

  • The sign says: 'Passengers must show their tickets.'

So passengers have to show their tickets.

  • The children have to be in bed by nine.

Their parents said: You must be in bed by nine.
1. Laura has to get to work on time.
Her boss told her: ________________ .
2. The police told Nick: 'You must keep your dog under control.'
So Nick __________________ .
3. The pupils have to listen carefully.
The teacher says: ___________________ .
4. The new sign says: 'Visitors must report to the security officer.'
So now ________________ .

C Must or have to? (2)

Put in must or have to/has to. Choose which is best for the situation.

  • I have to go to the airport. I'm meeting someone.

1. You ___________lock the door when you go out. There've been a lot of break-ins recently.
2. Daniel ___________go to the bank. He hasn't any money.
3. I ___________ work late tomorrow. We're very busy at the office.
4. You really _________ make less noise. I'm trying to concentrate.
5. I think you ___________pay to park here. I'll just go and read that notice.
6. You really ___________ hurry up, Vicky. We don't want to be late.
7. I _____________put the heating on. I feel really cold.

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