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9. Will be doing

- Practice

A Will be doing (2)

Complete the conversation. Put in a pronoun and the Future Continuous form of the verb.

Daniel: I'm going to go into business when I leave college. Five years from now
. I’ll be running (I/run) a big company. I expect (1)_________ (I/ earn) lots of money.
Vicky: I don't know what (2)_____________ (I / do). What about you, Natasha? What (3) ___________ (you /do), do you think?
Natasha: I'm too lazy to do any work. I intend to marry someone very rich. (4) ____________(I / give) dinner parties all the time. We’ll have a cook (5)__________(who/ do) all the work, of course. And you’ll both get invitations.
Vicky: You’re joking, aren't you, Natasha? I expect (6) ___________(you / play) in an orchestra. That's what you really want to do, isn’t it?

B Will be doing (3)

Put in the answers. People are saying what they will be doing as part of their routine.

  • David: When are you going to the club, do you know?

(Nick goes to the club every Friday.)
Nick: I'll be going there next Friday.
1. Vicky: Are you likely to see llona in the near future?
(Emma sees llona every day.)
Emma: ______________________ tomorrow.
2. Claire: Are you going to France again soon?
(Henry goes to France every summer.)
Henry: _______________________.
3. Jessica: When are you going to play badminton again?
(Matthew plays badminton every weekend.)
Matthew: ______________________.
4. Andrew: When are you next having lunch in the canteen?
(Daniel has lunch in the canteen every day.)
Daniel: _______________________.

C Will be doing (3)

You want to ask a friend to do something for you or to let you do something.
Find out if it is convenient for your friend. Use the verbs in brackets.

  • You want to have a look at your friend's magazine tonight (read)

Will you be reading your magazine tonight?
1. You want your friend to take your library book back today. (go to)
2. You want your friend to send your best wishes to Vicky soon. (write to)
3. You want to use your friend's calculator this afternoon. (use)
4. You want your friend to give a photo to Daniel tomorrow. (see)
5. You want your friend to give you a lift to the festival. (drive)
6. You want your friend to give a message to her sister soon. (phone)

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