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9. Should, ought to, had better and supposed to

- Practice

A Should and ought to (2)

Put in should, shouldn't, ought or oughtn't. (Look for the word to.)

Vicky: I can't come out tonight, Rachel. I ought to do some more work. I'm behind with everything. I've got so much to do.
Rachel: You (1) _____________ worry so much, Vicky. Don't panic. You (2)_____________ to relax sometimes. You (3) _________take a break.
Vicky: I know I (4) _____________ panic, but I do. I can't help it.
Rachel: Anyway, you're doing OK, aren't you? Your results have been good.
You (5) ___________ be pleased. You (6)___________ to invent problems for yourself.

B Had better (3)

What would you say in these situations? Add a sentence with 'd better (not) and the words in brackets.

  • Vicky doesn't feel well. She's got a headache. What might you say to her? (an aspirin)

You'd better take an aspirin.
1. You and Daniel are meeting Rachel. You've both arrived, but she isn't there yet. She is usually
late. (wait) _____________________
2. llona is leaving her bike outside the swimming-pool. You know it won't be safe if she leaves it
unlocked. (lock) ____________________
3. Some friends are going to visit you today. Your room is in a mess. What do you think?
(tidy) __________________
4. Nick is giving you a lift in his old sports car. There's a speed limit, and there's a police car behind you. (too fast) ________________
5. There's an exam tomorrow. Neither you nor Rachel have done any work for it.
(some revision) _________________

C Be supposed to (4)

Add a sentence using be (not) supposed to and these words:
leave it outside, report to the police, stand in a queue, take two before meals, watch it

  • You shouldn't bring your bike in here. You're supposed to leave it outside.

1. I've got some pills. __________________ .
2. Foreign visitors can't travel freely here. _______________ .
3. Be careful waiting for a bus in England. _______________ .
4. This film isn't for under-sixteens ________________ .

D Should, ought to, had better and be supposed to (1-4)

Complete the conversation. Use should, ought to, had better or be supposed to and the verbs in brackets. Usually there is more than one correct answer.

Vicky: What time are we supposed to be (we / be) at the coffee morning?
Rachel: The invitation says ten o'clock.
Vicky: Well, it's ten now. (1) ____________ (we / hurry). (2) ____________(we / not/be) late.
Rachel: Oh, it won't matter if we're a bit late.

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