9. Present Continuous and Present Simple 2

- Practice

A States and actions (1)

Tom is on the Internet. He's telling people about himself. Say which verbs express states and which express actions.

  • I surf the Net most evenings. action___

1. My flat is in the town centre. ________
2. I drive a taxi in the daytime. ________
3. I own two cars. ________
4. I go to lots of parties. ________
5. I love football. ________

B I think/I'm thinking etc. (2)

Complete the conversation. Choose the correct form of the verb.

Emma: Hi, Matthew. What do you look are you looking at?
Matthew: Oh, hi. These are photos of me when I was a child.
Emma: Oh, look at this one. (1)
I think/I'm thinking you look lovely, Matthew.
Matthew: (2)
I have/ I'm having some more photos here.
Emma: Look at this. Why such a big coat?
Matthew: It was my brother's. That's why (3)
it didn't fit/it wasnt fitting properly.
Emma: Oh, (4) I
see/I 'm seeing. And (5) you have/you're having your tea here. And in this one (6) you think/you're thinking about something very serious.
Matthew: This is a photo of the village (7)
I come/ I'm coming from.
Emma: Oh, thats nice.
Matthew: And I caught this fish, look. (8)
It weighed/ It was weighing about half a kilo.
Emma: What a nice little boy! And what a sentimental old thing you are now!

C The verb be (2)

Put in the correct form of be.

  • Daniel is doing some of the work. He's being very helpful at the moment.
  • I'm tired. I want to go home.

1. The children ....... very polite today. They don't usually behave so well.
2. I'm afraid Melanie can't come because she.. ill.
3. Of course you can understand it. You . stupid, that's all.
4. Weinterested in doing a course here.
5. Vicky ............ very lazy at the moment. She's done no work at all today.

D I like/I'm liking etc. (3)

Write a sentence which follows on. Choose from these sentences.

I think it's going to be perfect for me.
And I've still got a chance to win.

I've never wanted to change it.
It uses so much petrol.

It's too expensive to buy.
I play it every weekend.

  • I enjoy the game. I play it every weekend.

1. I'm enjoying the game. ___________________
2. The car costs a lot of money. ______________
3. The car is costing a lot of money. ____________
4. I'm liking my new job. __________________
5. I like my job. ________________

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