8. Will, would, shall and should

- Practice

A Will and would (1-2)

Complete the conversation. Put in will, won't, would or wouldn't.

Emma: We
wont be here next September. It's hard to believe, isnt it?
In a few months our student days (1) _____________be over.
Matthew: It (2)___________ be long now. I wish I had a job. Then I (3) __________know where I was going.
Emma: Who knows what the future (4) __________bring?
Matthew: Why don't we get married, Emma? Then at least we (5) ____________be together.
Emma: I don't think so, Matthew. It (6) __________be a good idea.
Matthew: I couldnt live without you, Emma.
Emma: I really (7) ____________like to believe you , Matthew.

B Some other uses of will and would (2-3)

Complete the conversations. Put in will, won't, would or wouldn't with these verbs:
eat, give, go, help, let, like, open, stand

  • Vicky: Have you noticed how thin Jessica has got?

Rachel: She's on a diet. She won't eat anything except carrots.
1. Harriet: Mike and I_____________ you get everything ready.
Mike: Yes, we're quite willing to lend a hand.
2. Laura: You're late. I thought you were going to leave work early today.
Trevor: Sorry. The boss _________me go.
3. Mark: Sarah and I ___________you a lift, Mike.
Sarah: Yes, we're going your way.
4. Harriet: I heard Rita has quarreled with her boyfriend.
Melanie: That's right. If he's invited to the party, she________________ .
5. Vicky: I've had enough of table tennis for one day.
Rachel: OK. Maybe Daniel ____________a game with me.
6. Trevor: What's wrong with the washing-machine?
Laura: When I tried to use it earlier, the door _______________.
7. Mike: This lamp is always falling over.
Harriet: It ___________up properly.

C Will, would, shall and should (1-4)

What would you say? Use will, would, shall or should.

  • Offer to make the tea.

Shall I make the tea?
1. Suggest going to the swimming-pool.
2. Refuse to take any risks.
3. Say politely that you want a shower.
4. Tell someone it's best they don't decide in a hurry.
5. Predict the end of the world in the year 3000.

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