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8. Will and be going to

- Practice

A Will and be going to (1-2)

Complete the conversations. Put in will or be going to with the verbs.

  • Vicky: Have you got a ticket for the play?
  • Daniel: Yes, I'm going to see (see) it on Thursday.
  • Harriet: The alarm's going. It's making an awful noise.
  • Mike: OK, I'll switch (switch) it off.

1. Daniel: Did you buy this book?
Matthew: No, Emma did. She _________ (read) it on holiday.
2. Laura: Would you like tea or coffee?
Sarah: Oh, I______________ (have) coffee, please.
3. Trevor: I'm going to miss a good film on TV because I'll be out tonight.
Laura: I _____________ (video) it for you, if you like.
4. Rachel: I'm just going out to get a paper.
Emma: What newspaper _________ (you /buy)?

B Will and be going to (1-3)

What would you say? Use will or be going to.

  • You want to express your intention to look round the museum.

Your friend: Do you have any plans for this afternoon?
You: Yes, I'm going to look round the museum.
1. You hate dogs. Dogs always attack you if they get the chance.
Your friend: That dog doesn't look very friendly.
You: It's coming towards us ___________________.
2. You predict the landing of aliens on the earth in the next ten years.
Your friend: All this talk about aliens is complete nonsense, isn't it?
You: Is it? I think __________________.
3. You know that your friend's sister has decided to get married.
Your friend: Have you heard about my sister?
You: Well, I heard that _________________ .
4. You suddenly decide you want to invite lIona for a meal.
Your friend: Did you know llona will be in town next weekend?
You: No, I didn't ________________.

C Will and be going to (1-3)

Complete the news report about the village of Brickfield.
will or be going to. Sometimes either is possible.

We have learned this week that the local council has plans for Westside Park in Brickfield.
The council
is going to sell (sell) the land to a builder, Forbes and Son. The plans are all ready. (1)_____ (we / build) fifty houses,' said Mr. Forbes. 'In two years' time everything (2)__________ (be) finished. I'm sure people (3) ___________ (like) the houses. Most of them (4) __________(be) for young families. And we intend to take care of the environment. (5) ________(we / not / cut) down all the trees, only a few of them. But people living near the park are angry. 'This is a terrible idea. We’re all against it,' said Mrs. Mary
Brent. (6)_____________ (we /have) a protest march on Saturday. I expect everyone in Brickfield (7) _________ (be) there. We’ve reached our decision. (8) ________(we / stop) this plan.

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