8. Present Continuous and Present Simple 1

- Practice

A Present Continuous or Present Simple? (1-2)

At work Mark is talking to Alan in the corridor. Complete their conversation.
Put in the Present Continuous or Present Simple of the verbs.

Mark: Are you looking (you / look) for someone?
Alan: Yes, I
need (I /need) to speak to Neil. He isnt in his office.
Mark: (1) .. (he /talk) to the boss at the moment. (2)............ (I / think) (3). (they / discuss) money.
Alan: Oh, right. And what about you? (4)......... (you/look) for someone too?
Mark: Yes, Linda. (5). (you /know) where she is?
Alan: Oh, she isnt here today. She only (6) . (work) four days a week. (7) . (she/not / work) on Fridays. She' ll be here on Monday.
Mark: Thank you. (8) .. (you /know) a lot about Linda.
Alan: Well, most days (9) .......... (I/give) her a lift, or (10).. (she/give) me one. (11) .(she /live) quite close to me. (12) (it/save) petrol.
Mark: Yes, of course. Good idea. Yes, (13).. (I/agree). Well, (14). (I/waste) my time here then. I' ll get back to my computer.

B Present Continuous or Present Simple? (1-3)

Complete the sentences. Put in the Present Continuous or Present Simple of the verbs.

I'm writing (I/write) to my parents. I write (I/write) to them every weekend.
1. ............ (it / snow) outside. ...... (it / come) down quite hard, look.
2. Normally ................. (I/start) work at eight o'clock, but. (I/start) at seven this week. We're very busy at the moment.
3. I haven't got a car at the moment, so. (I / go) to work on the bus this week. Usually .......(I / drive) to work.
4. The sun (rise) in the east, remember. It's behind us so.. (we / travel) west.
5. I'm afraid I have no time to help just now. (I/ write) a report. But (I/promise) I' ll give you some help later.
6. ............. (I /want) a new car. (I/save) up to buy one.

C Always (4)

Complete the sentences. Use always and the Present Continuous or Present Simple.

  • Melanie: Tom talks too much, doesn't he?

Rita: Yes, and he's always talking about football.

  • Laura: You forget your keys every time.

Trevor: I try to remember them, but I always forget.
1. Claire: Sarah takes the train every day, doesn't she?
Mark: yes, ............................... the train.
2. Vicky: Rachel misses lectures much too often in my opinion.
Emma: I agree. lectures.
3. Mike: Every time I drive along here, I go the wrong way.
Harriet: But it's very simple, isn't it? Why the wrong way?
4. David: Trevor and Laura argue much too often, I think.
Melanie: I know..

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