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7. Present Simple


1 Use

We use the Present Simple for

  • thoughts and feelings: I think so, I like it.
  • states, things staying the same, facts and

things that are true for a long time:
We live quite near.

  • repeated actions: We come here every week.

and also

  • in phrases like I promise, I agree, etc:

I promise I'll pay you back.

  • in a negative question with why to make a

suggestion: Why don't we go out?

2 Positive forms

I/you/we/they get
he/she/it gets

In the Present Simple we use the verb without an ending.

I get the lunch ready at one o'clock, usually.
Most children like ice-cream.

We always do our shopping at Greenway.
You know the answer.

But in the third person singular (after he, she, it, your friend, etc), the verb ends in -s or -es.

It gets busy at weekends.
Sarah catches the early train.

My husband thinks so, too.
She faxes messages all over the world.

3 Negatives and questions


I/you/we/they do not get OR don't get
he/she/it does not get OR doesn't get


do I/we/you/they get?
does he/shelit get?

We use a form of do in negatives and questions. We use do and don't except in the third person singular, where we use does and doesn't.

We don't live far away.
Do you live here? - Yes, I do.

He doesn't want to go shopping.
What does he want? - Money.

We do not add -s to the verb in negatives and questions.
NOT He doesn't gets and NOT Does he gets?

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