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5. Present tenses for the future

- Practice

A Present Continuous (1)

Read the conversation and say if the verb refers to the present or the future.

Mark: What are you reading, Claire?
Claire: Oh, it’s a guidebook to Brazil. (1)
I'm going there next month. (2) My sister and I are having a
holiday there. (3) I’m really looking forward to it. (4) We
’re spending three weeks in Rio. (5) So
I'm finding out about all the things we can do there.

  • present______ 3. __________________

1. _____________ 4. __________________
2. _____________ 5. __________________

B Present Continuous for arrangements (1)

For each situation write a sentence with the Present Continuous. Use the verbs in brackets.

Mike and Harriet have accepted an invitation to Tom's party next week. (go)
They’re going to Tom's party next week.
Laura has agreed to be in the office on Saturday. (work) has just bought a plane ticket to Cairo dated 15 May. (fly) has arranged a meeting with his boss at four o'clock this afternoon. (see) and Daniel have booked a tennis court for tomorrow afternoon. (play)

C Present tenses for the future (1-2)

Put the verbs into the Present Continuous or the Present Simple.

Emma: Are you doing (you / do) anything tonight?
Matthew: Yes, (1) ___________ (I / go) to the station to meet my friend Richard. (2) __________(he / stay) here for the weekend, remember? His train (3) ___________ (get) in at eight fifteen.
Emma: Oh, of course. I'd forgotten about that.
Matthew: Maybe we' ll see you later. What (4) _________ (you / do) tonight?
Emma: Oh, (5) __________ (I / go) to the cinema with Vicky and Rachel and a couple of other people. The film (6) ____________(finish) quite early, so (7)___________ (we / go) to a pizza place afterwards.

D Be to and be about to (3)

Complete these sentences on the news. Some are spoken by the newsreader in the studio and some by reporters on the spot. Use
be to or be about to with the verbs in brackets.

  • The new museum is to open (open) in the autumn.
  • The Prime Minister is at the microphone now. He is about to start (start) speaking.

1. The leading runner is nearly there now. She _____________ (win) the race.
2. Taxes _____________ (go) up from next April.
3. The US President _____________ (visit) Ireland in the New Year.
4. The riot isn't over yet, but the police are here. They _____________ (move) in.
5. The talks on world trade _____________ (take) place later this year.

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