5. My, your, etc, and mine, yours, etc.

- Practice

A My, your, etc. and mine, yours, etc. (1)

Complete the conversation. Put in the missing words.

Laura: Did you and your friends have a nice holiday?
Emma: Yes, it was wonderful. We had the best holiday of (1) .. lives. It didn't start very well, though. Daniel forgot to bring (2).. passport.
Laura: Oh, dear. So what happened?
Emma: Well, luckily he doesnt live far from the airport. He rang (3) .. parents, and they brought the passport over in (4) car, just in time.
Laura: You remembered (5), I hope.
Emma: Yes, I had (6) .., even though I'm usually the one who forgets things. Actually Rachel thought for a minute that she'd lost (7) ................. . Luckily it was in (8) .. suitcase. Anyway, in the end we had a marvelous time.

B Its and it's (2)

Put in the correct form.

  • Unfortunately, the town has lost its only cinema.
  • The meeting won't last long. I'll see you when it's over.

1. You should return the book to .. owner immediately.
2. We'd like to go out for a walk, but . raining.
3. I'm not buying this tablecloth because.. got a hole in it.
4. The board has decided that Zedco needs to improve.. image.

C Parts of the body and clothes (3)

Put in my, your, etc. or the.

  • I was doing keep-fit exercises when I fell down and hurt my leg.
  • Matthew served, and the ball hit Daniel on the the knee.

1. A wasp stung me on . neck. It really hurt.
2. The mother put both .. arms around the child.
3. Aunt Joan kissed Emma on cheek.
4. The fans were all shouting at the top of ................. voices.
5. Don't just stand there with hands in ............... . pockets.

D My own, a friend of mine, etc. (4-5)

Correct the sentences which have a mistake.

  • We're lucky. We've got an own garden.

We've got our own garden.
1. I met some nice people. Harriet introduced me to a friend of herself.
2. My friends swim every day. They've got their only pool.
3. I enjoy rock-climbing. It's a favorite hobby to me.
4. I hope Matthew will be here. I've got some CD's from his.
5. I don't want to share. I'd like my very room.

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