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4. Used to do and be used to doing


1 Used to do

Used + to-infinitive means that something happened regularly or went on for a time in the past. I used to travel means that in the past I regularly travelled, but I no longer do so.

Here are some more examples.
We used to play that game when we were younger.
Nick used to smoke, but he gave it up.
I used to like fish, but I never eat it now.
There used to be a dancehall here, but they knocked it down.

We cannot use this structure in the present tense.
Claire travels a lot. NOT Claire uses to travel a lot.

We normally use didn't use to in negatives and did ... use to in questions.
We didn't use to have computers. OR We never used to have computers.
Where did people use to buy their food before the supermarket was built?
Did you use to live in London?

2 Be used to doing

Be used to + -ing form means that something is familiar and is no longer strange. I'm used to travelling means that travelling is no longer strange or difficult because I have done it for so long.

Here are some more examples.
We're used to getting up early. We do it every day. NOT We're used to get up early.
Sarah is used to working late at the office.
Most visitors to Britain aren't used to driving on the left.
I wasn't used to wearing glasses. It seemed very strange at first.

We can also say get used to to talk about things becoming more familiar.
It was difficult at first, but Mike soon got used to working at night.
After her husband died, the old woman had to get used to living on her own.

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