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4. Used to do and be used to doing

- Practice

A Used to do (1)

Mrs. Bell is a hundred years old. She's the oldest person in the village.
A radio reporter is interviewing her. Put in
used to with the verb.

Mrs. Bell: I've always lived in the village, but not always in this house.
Reporter: Where
did you use to live (you / live)?
Mrs. Bell: When I was a girl, we lived at Apple Tree Farm.
(1) __________________ (we / like) it there.
Reporter: But life was hard, wasn’t it?
Mrs. Bell: Oh, yes. Things (2) _______________________(be) different from the way they are now. In those days (3) _________(we / not / have) electricity.
Reporter: And (4) ___________ (you / help) with the farm work?
Mrs. Bell: Yes, (5) ____________ (I / look) after the hens.

B Used to do and be used to doing (1-2)

Look at the pictures and say what the people used to do or are used to doing.
Use these verbs: climb, fly,
paint, play, sign
Use these objects:
autographs, badminton, mountains, pictures, planes

  • He used to paint pictures.
  • She's used to signing autographs. 2. They ________________________ .

1. ___________________________ . 3. He __________________________ .

C Used to do and be used to doing (1-2)

Put in a to-infinitive or to + -ing form. Use the verbs in brackets.

  • When I was a child, I used to dream (dream) of being an astronaut.
  • I'm terribly nervous. I'm not used to speaking (speak) to a large audience.

1. It took us ages to get used ___________ (live) in a block of flats.
2. Lots of trains used ______________ (stop) here, but not many do now.
3. Didn't Nick use _______________ (work) on a building site?
4. There didn't use _____________ (be) so many soap operas on television.
5. I'll have an orange juice, please. I'm not used ______________ (drink) alcohol.
6. David doesn't seem to mind being in hospital. I suppose he's got used ___________(be) there.
7. When Laura was at college, she used ____________ (have) a picture of Elvis Presley
on her bedroom wall.

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