4. Emphatic pronouns

- Practice

A Emphatic pronouns (1)

Add a sentence with an emphatic pronoun, e.g. myself.
Use these verbs: bake, clean, decorate, grow, paint, service, type, wash

  • I don't take the car to the garage. I service it myself.
  • Laura didn't buy those pictures. She painted them herself.

1. Tom doesn't have his windows cleaned.
2. My bread doesn't come from a shop.
3. My friends eat lots of fresh vegetables.
4. We finished the dining-room yesterday.
5. Mark doesn't dictate his letters to a secretary.
6. I don't take my car to the car wash.

B Emphatic pronouns (1)

Put in an emphatic pronoun, e.g. myself, yourself.

  • Of course I know about Matthew and Emma. You told me yourself.

1. The princess visited the children in hospital.
2. The song wasn't very good, but the title of the song became a popular phrase.
3. The visitors were welcomed to the school by the headmaster.. .
4. The pilots ............... are nervous of flying because of terrorist threats.
5. You all know that no one can take your decisions for you. You . will have to decide.

C Each other (2)

David and Melanie are in love. Write sentences about them using each other.

  • Melanie often writes notes to David. He also often writes notes to Melanie.

They often write notes to each other.
1. David is always thinking about Melanie. She's just the same. She's always thinking about him.
2. Melanie has got lots of photos of David. He's got lots of photos of her, too.
3. They love being together. David enjoys Melanie's company, and she enjoys David's company.
4. Melanie is crazy about David. He feels the same way. He's crazy about Melanie.

D Each other or a reflexive pronoun? (2)

Put in each other, ourselves or themselves.

  • We could all do more to keep healthy. We don't look after ourselves properly.
  • The hostess introduced the two guests to each other.

1. The two boxers did their best to knock out.
2. We talk to . in French because it's the only language we both know.
3. People who talk to .. may get strange looks from other people.
4. We'd better set off early to give . plenty of time to get there.
5. The guards who shot a gunman claimed that they were defending .
6. Luckily we managed to get two seats next to. .

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