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3. The verb have


1 Have and have got

Look at these examples.

Here have and have got mean the same thing. We can normally use either form. But have got is more
informal. Note that we do not use have got in short answers (No, I haven't.).

2 Forms

We do not often use had got in the past tense.
Tom had several jobs to do.
We didn't have time to stop.
Why did you have that funny hat on?

3 The action verb have

Here are some examples of have as an action verb.
Mark has lunch around one.
I have a shower every morning.
The children had a game of cards.
We had a wonderful holiday.
Have expresses an action. Mark has lunch means that he eats lunch.

With the action verb have we cannot use got and we cannot use a short form.
NOT Mark has got lunch around one and NOT I've a shower every morning
The action verb have can also be continuous.
Mark is having lunch now.
We were having a conversation in English.
What time are you having your driving lesson?

In negatives and questions in simple tenses, we use a form of do.
We didn't have a very good time.
We don't have parties very often.
Where do you have lunch?
How often does Vicky have strange dreams?

In English we often use expressions like have a talk instead of a verb like talk. Here are some examples.
Shall we have a swim?
I usually have a rest in the afternoon.
I had a talk with Daniel.
Trevor and Laura are having an argument.

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