3. Reflexive pronouns

- Practice

A Reflexive pronouns

Look at the pictures and write sentences with a reflexive pronoun.
Use these words: dry, introduce, look at,
photograph, teach

  • He's photographing himself.

1. She .. .
2. They .
3. .
4. .

B Reflexive pronouns

Complete the conversations. Put in a reflexive pronoun (myself, yourself, etc.).

  • Matthew: I'll get the tickets, shall I?
  • Emma: It's OK. I can pay for myself.

1. Olivia: I've got lots of photos of my children.
Linda: Yes, but you haven't got many of .., Olivia.
2. Rita: Did you have a good time at the Holiday Centre?
Laura: Well, there wasn't much going on. We had to amuse .
3. Emma: Why has the light gone off?
Matthew: It switches . off automatically.

C Pronouns after a preposition

Put in the correct pronoun (e.g. me or myself).

  • We looked up and saw a strange animal in front of us.
  • Don't tell us the answer to the puzzle. We can work it out for ourselves.

1. It's a pity you didn't bring your camera with .
2. Mark talked to the woman sitting next to . .
3. The old man is no longer able to look after .. .
4. My mother likes to have all her family near .. .
5. To be successful in life, you must believe in .. .

D Idioms with and without reflexive pronouns

Rachel and Vicky are at Mike and Harriets party. Complete the conversation.
Put in the verbs with or without a reflexive pronoun.

Mike: Have you two
met (met) before?
Rachel: Yes, we have. Vicky and I are old friends.
Mike: Oh, right. Well, I hope you
enjoy yourselves (enjoy) tonight.
Rachel: I'm sure we will. I (1) .......... (feel) just in the mood for a party.
Mike: Well, please (2) (help) to a drink. Are you OK, Vicky?
Vicky : Sorry, I've got this awful feeling that I have to do something very important, and I can't
(3) ............... (remember) what it is.
Rachel: Vicky, you (4) (worry) too much. Come on, just (5) ....... (relax).

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