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2. Past Perfect Continuous

- Practice

A Form (2)

Complete the conversation. Put in the Past Perfect Continuous of the verbs.

Rachel: How was your job interview?
Vicky: Awful. I felt terribly nervous.
I’d been worrying (I / worry) about it all week. And I was tired because (1) ___________ (I / work) on my project the night before. (2) ___________ (I / not look) forward to the interview at all.
Rachel: So what happened?
Vicky: The woman interviewing me was half an hour late because (3) __________ (she / deal) with an unexpected problem, she said. (4) ___________ (I / wait) ages, and I’d got even more nervous.
Rachel: How did the interview go?
Vicky: Well, I tried to sound confident (5)____________ (I / read) a book that said that's what you have to do in job interviews. But I don't know if I gave the right answers.

B Form and use (1- 2)

Add a sentence with the Past Perfect Continuous to explain why. Look at the pictures to find the reasons.

lie/ in the sun 1 cry 2 drive/ too fast 3 play/with matches 4 stand/under a tree

  • Claire got burnt. She'd been lying in the sun.

1. Vicky looked upset. ________________
2. Henry was stopped by the police. _______________
3. The children started a fire. ___________________
4. A young man was struck by lightning. ____________________

C Comparison with other tenses (3-4)

Put in the correct form of the verbs.

  • Tom could hear shouts from the flat next door. His neighbours were arguing (argue) again.

1. Emma went into the sitting-room. It was empty, but the television was still on. Someone _________ (watch) it.
2. I___________ (play) tennis, so I had a shower. I was annoyed because I ___________(not win) a single game.
3. The walkers finally arrived at their destination. They _______________ (walk) all day, and they certainly needed a rest They _____________ (walk) thirty miles.
4. When I saw Nick last week, he said he _________ (stop) smoking. But when I saw him two days later, he __________ (smoke) a cigarette. He looked rather ashamed.
5. I really must go and see the dentist. One of my teeth ___________ (ache) for weeks.
6. When Melanie arrived at David's place, he __________ (lie) on the sofa reading a detective novel. He __________ (buy) it at the second-hand bookshop, and he ________(read) it for most of the afternoon.

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