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2. Agreement

- Practice

A Subject and verb (1)

Mark and Sarah are in an antique shop. Complete the conversation by choosing the correct form of the verb.

Sarah: This table is/are lovely.
Mark: Yes, the wood (1)
is/are beautiful, isn’t it?
Sarah: The style and the colour (2)
is/are both perfect for what we want.
Mark: These chairs (3)
looks/look very stylish, too, but they (4) is/are rather expensive.
Sarah: Can you see if the table (5)
has/have got a price on?
Mark: Yes, it has. It says it (6)
costs/cost Ј,000. That's ridiculous.
Sarah: Don't you think prices (7)
has/have gone up recently? Those tables we saw last month
(8) wasn't/weren't so expensive.

B Everyone, every, etc. and phrases with of (2-4)

Vicky has been to a very grand party. She is telling her parents about it. Put in was or were.

I really enjoyed the party. It
was wonderful. Each guest (1) _________ welcomed by the hostess in person. All the rooms (2) __________ crowded with people. Everyone (3) _____________enjoying themselves. A lot of people (4) __________ dancing, and a number of people (5) ____________swimming in the pool in the garden. All the people there (6) __________very smart. One of the guests
(7) __________ a TV personality - the chat show host Guy Shapiro. I didn't know many of the guests.
None of my friends (8) ___________ there.

C Agreement (1-4)

The BBC is making a documentary about police work. A policeman is talking about his job.
Choose the correct form.

  • Every policeman is/are given special training for the job.

1. No two days are the same. Each day is/are different.
2. But the job isn't/aren't as exciting or glamorous as some people think.
3. Not all policemen is/are allowed to carry guns.
4. A number of police officers here works/work with dogs.
5. An officer and his dog has/have to work closely together.
6. One of our jobs is/are to prevent crime happening in the first place.
7. A lot of crime is/are caused by people being careless.
8. Sorry, I have to go now. Someone has/have just reported a robbery.

D An amount + a singular verb (5)

Combine the questions and answers about travel and holidays into one sentence using is or are.

  • Do you know the price of a room? - Fifty pounds.

Fifty pounds is the price of a room.

  • How many public holidays are there? - Ten days in the year.

Ten days in the year are public holidays.
1. Are you going on a long walk? - Fifteen miles.
2. Who's travelling on the bus? - Eight students.
3. Was someone waiting for the museum to open? - Yes, three people.
4. Do you know the baggage allowance? - Twenty kilos.

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