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27. All, half, most, some, no and none

- Practice

A All, most, half, some and none (2, 4)

Read this advertisement for some new flats and then complete the sentences.
Put in
all of them, most of them, half of them, some of them and none of them.

Hartley House is an old manor house which has been converted into thirty one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats. All the flats have a fitted kitchen, bathroom and large living-room. Ten of them have a separate dining-room. Twenty-five of the flats have a view of the sea, and fifteen have a private balcony. All thirty flats are still for sale. Ring us now for more details.

  • The flats are modern. All of them have a fitted kitchen.

1. _______________ have two bedrooms.
2. From __________you can see the sea.
3. ______________ have a private balcony.
4. ______________ have a large living-room.
5. There's also a dining-room in ____________ .
6. _____________________ has been sold yet.

B All, most, some and none (2, 4)

There was a quiz evening yesterday. Six friends took part, and they all answered twenty questions. Did they get all, most, some or none of them right?

  • Natasha answered all twenty correctly. She got all of them right.
  • Daniel's score was fifteen. He got most of them right.

1. Jessica had only eight correct answers. ____________________
2. Matthew got them all right except three. ____________________
3. Andrew gave twenty correct answers. ____________________
4. But poor Vicky didn't get a single one right. ___________________

C All, most, no and none (1-4)

Complete the conversations. Use the word in brackets with all, all the, most, most of the, no or none of the.

  • Andrew: I wonder where they make this milk.

Jessica: It isn't made in a factory, Andrew. All milk (milk) comes from animals.

  • Rita: What do you usually do on a Sunday?

Mike: Not much. We spend most of the time (time) reading the papers.
1. Claire: In general, people aren't interested in politics, are they?
Mark: I think _____________ (people) are bored by the subject.
2. Vicky: These new flats are supposed to be for students.
Rachel: That's ridiculous_________ (student) in the world could possibly afford such a high rent.
3. Tom: Who's paying for the new ice-rink to be built?
Nick: Well, __________ (money) will come from the government, but the city has to pay a quarter of the cost.
4. Melanie: We should ban cars. _______________ (cars) pollute the air, don't they?
David: Well, except electric ones, I suppose.
5. Vicky: What kind of fruit should you eat to stay healthy?
Natasha: I don't think it matters. ___________(fruit) is good for you, isn't it?
6. Tom: I knew there had been a power cut because it was so dark everywhere.
Harriet: yes,___________ (lights) in our street went out.

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