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26. A lot of, lots of, many, much, (a) few and (a) little

- Practice

A A lot of, lots of, many, much, a few and a little (1)

Write the sentences correctly.

  • Mark was only spending one night away. He quickly put a little things into a bag.

He quickly put a few things into a bag.
1. Rachel is learning to drive. She hasn't had much lessons yet.
2. I'm making soup for twenty people. I'll have to make a lot of.
3. I feel really tired. I haven't got many energy.
4. The mixture looks rather dry. Maybe you should add a few water.
5. We're having a big party. We've invited a lots of friends.

B A lot of, many and much (1-2)

Complete the conversation. Put in a lot of, many or much. More than one answer may be correct.

Matthew: There are
a lot of athletes taking part in the International Games in London. There's been (1) ________coverage in the papers.
Daniel: Our runners haven't won (2) _________medals, have they?
Matthew: No, not as (3)____________ as last time. But there’s plenty of time. There are still (4) _________ events to come. I’d like to go and see some of the track events, but I haven't got (5) ________ time at the moment.
Daniel: No, not with exams coming up.
Matthew: I'm hoping to go at the weekend if I can get a ticket. Apparently there aren't (6) ________seats left.
Daniel: I've heard the cheapest tickets are
ЈI think that's too (7) ______________ .

C A few, few, a little and little (3)

Put in a few, few, a little or little.

  • I don't think I can lift this box on my own. I need a little help.
  • Few tourists visited Northern Ireland in the 1980s because of the terrorism there.

1. The postman doesn't often come here. We receive_____________ letters.
2. The snow was quite deep. There seemed ___________hope of completing our journey.
3. Trevor isn't finding it easy to fix the shelves. He's having __________ trouble.
4. Sarah is exhausted. She's having ___________ days' holiday next week.
5. David quite likes golf, but unfortunately he has ______________ability.
6. I can speak _________words of Swedish, but I'm not very fluent.

D Many, few, much and little (2-3)

Complete this paragraph from a travel book. Put in many, few, much or little.

The main town on the island is very small and does not have many important buildings.
The islanders do not have (1) ________money, and they have (2) ___________contact with the outside world. There is not (3) _________ chance of the place attracting large numbers of tourists. The roads are not very good. There are lots of bicycles but not (4) ____________cars. And there are hardly any of the modern facilities which visitors expect. There are (5) _________shops, and there is (6) _______ entertainment.

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