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25. Everyone, something, etc.


1 Introduction

Look at these examples.
Everyone enjoyed the show. It was a great success.
The police searched the house but found nothing.
Let's find somewhere to eat.
Nobody came into the shop all afternoon.

With every, some and no, we can form words ending in one, body, thing and where.

Words ending in thing can also mean actions or ideas.
Something awful has happened.
You must tell me

2 Someone and anyone, etc.

We can also form words with any: anyone, anybody, anything, anywhere.

Positive: There's someone in the phone box.
Negative: I looked round the shops, but I didn't buy anything.
Question: Has anyone seen today's newspaper?
Offer/Request: Could you do something for me, please?

We can also use words with any in a positive sentence.
This door is always left open. Anyone could just walk in here.
Where shall we go? - Anywhere. I don't mind.
In these sentences anyone means ' it doesn't matter who', and anywhere means 'it doesn't matter where'.

3 Singular and plural

We use a singular verb after everyone, something, anything, ete.
Everywhere was very crowded.
No one knows how to start the motor.
After words with one or body, we normally use they/them/their, even though the verb is singular.
Everyone is having their lunch.
Nobody wants to have their coffee yet.

We can also use he, she, him, her, his, etc. with someone/somebody when we know the person's sex.
Someone left their/her handbag behind.

4 Other structures

After everyone, something, etc. we can use an adjective.
Let's go somewhere nice.
Is there
anything interesting in that magazine?

We can also use else.
We always play Scrabble. Let's play something else. (= a different game)
Henry wore a suit, but everyone else had jeans on. (= all the other people)

Words ending in one and body have a possessive form (with 's).
Someone's cat is on our roof.
I need to be informed about
everybody's plans.

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