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25. Everyone, something, etc.

- Practice

A Everyone, something, etc. (1)

Complete the conversations. Put in the correct words.

  • Melanie: Did you say you found something in the street?

David: Yes, a diamond ring.
1. Nick: We all know the man is a thief, don't we?
Tom: Yes, ________________ knows, but _____________ dares to say so publicly.
2. Mark: Were there any calls for me?
Secretary: Yes,___________ rang while you were out. It was rather strange. He refused to give
his name, but he wants to discuss . ____________with you.
3. Melanie: Do you have any plans for the summer?
Tom: I'd like to go away ___________ if I can. _____________ I know has invited me to his villa
in Portugal , so I may go there.
4. Daniel: Has Matthew got a job yet?
Emma: No, but he's looked ___________ .He's been to all the job agencies. He hates the idea of sitting around doing.

B Someone and anyone, etc. (2)

Put in someone, anyone, something, anything, somewhere or anywhere.

Rachel: Have you seen my MP3 player? I can't find it anywhere.
Vicky: No, I haven't. Perhaps (1)__________ 's borrowed it.
Rachel: I haven't given (2) _____________permission to borrow it. It must be (3) ____________in this room.
Vicky: Things are in such a mess. It could be (4) __________________.
Rachel: I know. I can never find (5) _________________ when I want it.
Vicky: We’ll have to do (6) ______________about this mess. We'd better tidy it up.

C Singular and plural (3)

Choose the correct form.

  • We had to wait because someone had lost its/ their ticket.

1. One of the policemen had injured his/their arm.
2. One of the guests had brought something wrapped in brown paper. She put it/them on the table.
3. No one likes/like going to the dentist, do he/they?
4. Everyone have/has to leave his/ their bags outside.

D Other structures (4)

Rewrite the sentences using a phrase with everyone, someone, something, nothing and somewhere instead of the phrases in brackets.

  • I'd like to buy (a nice thing). I'd like to buy something nice.
  • Let's go (to another place), shall we? Let's go somewhere else, shall we?
  • I'll try to remember (the name of everyone) I'll try to remember everyone's name.

1. I once met (a famous person). _________________ .
2. (A person's car) is blocking me in. _______________ .
3. I've got (a different thing) to tell you ____________ .

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