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25. Comparative and superlative patterns 2

- Practice

A Less (1)

Complete the sentences. Use less with these words: attractive, busy, convenient, nervous, optimistic, painful, seriously

  • Laura once hated flying, but now she feels less nervous about it.

1. David says his leg really hurt at first, but now it's _______________.
2. Mark and Sarah normally have lots to do, but they're ____________ this week.
3. Rita's old flat was near the shops. Her new place is __________ for shopping.
4. Claire used to think Henry was very handsome, but now she finds him _______________ .
5. Matthew is always exercising. Maybe he should take his fitness ______________ .
6. With United's best player injured, Tom feels _____________about their chances.

B Much faster (2)

Decide what to say. Use a phrase like a bit better or a lot colder.

  • You were feeling unwell earlier. Say that you feel better now. A bit, anyway.

I feel a bit better now.
1. Mention that yesterday was colder than today. A lot colder, in fact.
2. Say that your coat is longer than is fashionable. A bit, anyway.
3. You left work earlier than usual this afternoon. Slightly, anyway. Tell your friend.
4. Say that the shop is more expensive than the supermarket. Much more.
5. Ask if the new machine is reliable - any more so than the old one.

C Faster and faster (3)

Vicky works very hard at her studies, but she's worried that she's making no progress.
Complete her sentences.

  • This subject gets harder and harder (hard) all the time.
  • I'm just getting more and more confused (confused).

1. It's becoming _______________(difficult) for me to keep up.
2. The textbook just gets _________________(complicated).
3. I spend ___________ (more) time on my work.
4. My list of things to do gets _________________(long).
5. My problems are just getting _________________ (bad).

D The faster, the better (4)

Complete each sentence using the information in brackets.

  • (The rent is high.) The bigger a flat is, the higher the rent is.
  • (You learn quickly.) The younger you are, the more quickly you learn.

1. (The roads are quiet.) The earlier you leave, ____________________
2. (The choice is wide.) The bigger a supermarket is, __________________
3. (I get confused.) The more I try to work this out, __________________
4. (You can speak fluently.) The more you practise, ____________________
5. (The beaches get crowded.) The better the weather is, __________________

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