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24. Some and any

- Practice

A Basic use (1)

Look at the pictures and say what people have or haven't got. Use some or any.
Use these words: cats,
money, petrol, poison, sandwiches

  • They've got some sandwiches.
  • She hasn't got any money.

1. _______________________
2. _______________________
3. _______________________

B Basic use (1)

Justin Cooper is a radio disc jockey. Complete what he is saying. Put in some or any.

That was ‘I can’t find any love' by Arlene Black. Now, I've had some letters asking for something by Express. One listener says she hasn't heard (1) __________ Express songs on this programme for months. Well, I’m going to put that right And this will be our last track because there isn’t (2)_________ more time left. We've had (3) __________ great songs tonight, and I'll be here next week to play (4) ____________more. Now here's (5) __________music from Express - 'I never have (6) __________luck'.

C Some, any, someone, anyone, etc. (1-2)

Complete the conversations. Put in some, any, anyone, someone, something or anything.

  • Trevor: We haven't got any bread.

Laura: You'd better go to the shop, then. We need some tomatoes, too.
1. Claire: Would you like _________cheese and biscuits?
Sarah: Oh, no thank you. That was delicious, but I couldn't eat __________ else.
2. Harriet: There's __________at the door.
Mike: Are we expecting __________visitors?
3. Melanie: Has__________ offered to help you with the tea?
Rita: No, but I'd be very grateful for _________help you can give.
4. Vicky: I was looking for ____________, and now I can't remember what it was.
Rachel: You said you were looking for ______________matches.

D Another use of any (3)

Put in any + noun, anyone or anything.

  • The seats aren't reserved. You can have any seat you like.
  • I don't mind what we do today. We can do anything you want.

1. If it's your party, you can invite _________________ you like.
2. All the buses go into the town centre. Take ________________ that comes along here.
3. This carpet is available in lots of colours. You can have _____________you like.
4. My father has the television on all the time. He'll watch _________________ .
5. It doesn't matter which day you phone. Ring __________________you like.

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