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24. Comparative and superlative patterns 1


1 Introduction

There are a number of different sentence patterns
with comparative and superlative forms, e.g. older
than me, the sweetest man in the world.

2 The comparative and than

We often use a phrase with than after a comparative.
This restauraunt is nicer than the Pizza House.
I had a bigger meal than you.
The steak is more expensive than the fish.

3 The superlative

We normally use the before a superlative.
The quickest way is along this path.
The last question is the most difficult.
Note the pattern with one of.
Madonna is one of the most famous pop singers ever.

After a superlative we can use in or of. We use in with places and with groups of people, e.g. team.
It's the most expensive hotel in Oxford.
Who is the best player in the team?
This question is the most difficult of all.
August is the wettest month of the year.

We often use a clause after a superlative.
That was the most delicious meal (that) I've ever eaten.
Melanie is the nicest person you could meet.

4 As . .. as

We use as ... as to say that things are equal or unequal.
Our house is as big as yours. They're the same size. NOT It is so big as yours.
It's warmer today. It isn't as cold as yesterday.
In a negative sentence we can also use so ... as, but this is less common than as ... as.
This flat isn't as big as/so big as our old one.

Here are some more examples of as ... as.
The chair is as expensive as the table.
We can't do crosswords as quickly as you do.
I don't earn as much money as I'd like.

Note also the same as.
The result of the match was the same as last year.

5 Than me/than I am

Compare than me and than I am. Both are correct, and they have the same meaning.

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