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23. Comparative and superlative forms

- Practice

A The comparison of adjectives (1-2)

Complete the sentences. Use these adjectives: beautiful, expensive, high, interesting, tall

The giraffe is taller than the man.
The CD is
more expensive than the cassette.
1. Detective stories _______________ than algebra.
2. The top of the mountain ______________than the clouds.
3. The acrobat ________________ than the clown.

B The comparison of adjectives (1-2)

Tom is a United fan. He never stops talking about them. Put in the superlative form of the adjectives.

  • Everyone's heard of United. They're the most famous (famous) team in the world.
  • They've got a long history. They're the oldest (old) club in England.

1. They've got lots of money. They're the_________ (rich) club in the country.
2. Their stadium is new. It's the________________ (modern) stadium in Europe.
3. United are wonderful. They're the ______________(great) club in the world.
4. And what a team! It's the ______________ (exciting) team ever.
5. They've got lots of fans. They're the ____________(popular) team in the country.
6. United have won everything. They're the ______________ (successful) team ever.
7. They're good to watch. They play the ___________ (attractive) football.
8. United fans are happy. We're the _______________ (happy) people in the world.

C The comparison of adjectives (1-3)

Complete the advertisements with the comparative form of the adjective.

  • Use Get-lt-Clean and you'll get your floors cleaner.
  • Elegant Wallpapers simply look more elegant.

1. Watch a Happy Video and you' ll feel ____________.
2. Wear a pair of Fast Shoes and you'll be a _______________ runner.
3. Helpful Cookbooks are a _________________ guide to cooking.
4. Wash your hair with Lovely Shampoo for _______________hair.
5. Try a Big-Big Burger and you'll have a ______________ meal.
6. Restful Beds give you a ____________________night.
7. Wear Modern Fashions for a ________________look.

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