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22. Wish and if only

- Practice

A If or when? (2)

Look at the information in brackets and complete the sentences using if or when and a verb in the Present Simple.

  • (I may see Tom tonight.) If I see Tom, I'll tell him the news.
  • (Melanie is coming soon.) When Melanie comes, can you let her in, please?

1. (The alarm will ring soon.) ___________ we all have to leave the building.
2. (I might feel better tomorrow.) ___________ I' ll probably go back to work.
3. (This film finishes at ten.) ________________I' ll stop the video.
4. (The plan may not work.) ______________we'll have to think of something else.

B If and unless (3)

Complete the sentences using unless and the information in brackets.

  • You won't get there in time unless you hurry (if you don't hurry)

1. We can't have a picnic ____________(if it isn't a nice day)
2. Don't leave the TV on ______________(if you aren't watching it)
3. We can't do the job _____________(if we don't get help)
4. I wouldn't have bought the picture _____________(if I didn't like it)

C If and unless (3)

Which word makes more sense? Put in if or unless.

  • Rachel will be pleased if she passes her driving test.
  • The bus won't stop unless you ring the bell.

1. I can't read your writing ___________you print clearly.
2. Emma will be upset __________she doesn't get the job.
3. You can't go into the reception _________you've got a ticket.
4. Don't bother to ring me __________it's important.

D In case (4)

What could you say in these situations? Use in case.

  • You think Vicky had better take a coat. It might get cold.

You to Vicky: You'd better take a coat in case it gets cold.
1. You think you and Mark had better book a table. The restaurant might be busy.
You to Mark: _______________________
2. You think Claire ought to insure her jewellery. It might get stolen.
You to Claire: ______________________
3. You'll leave David your phone number. He might want to contact you.
You to David: ______________________

E If, when, unless and in case (2-4)

Jake lives next door to Melanie. Complete their conversation. Put in if, when, unless or in case.

Jake: A man is delivering a washing-machine this morning, but I have to go to work. I won’t be here
when he calls. Could you let him in for me, please, (1) __________you're terribly busy?
Melanie: Oh, that’s no problem.
Jake: Oh, thanks. (2) ____________ you could do that, I'd be really grateful. I’ll leave a message on his answerphone. And (3) _____________he doesn't get the message, I'll put a note on the door, just to make sure. He’ll see it (4) ______________he comes.

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