22. Adjective or adverb 2

- Practice

A Friendly, hard, hardly, etc. (1-3)

Decide if each underlined word is an adjective or an adverb.

  • That new building is rather ugly. adjective
  • I'd like to arrive early if I can. adverb

1. I haven't seen you for a long time.
2. Why are you wearing that silly hat?
3. Very young children travel free.
4. The temperature is quite high today.
5. We nearly missed the bus this morning.
6. Do you have to play that music so loud?

B Friendly, hard, hardly, etc. (1-3)

Complete the conversation. Decide if you need -ly with the words in brackets.

Mark: How did you get on with Henry today?
Sarah: Oh, we had a nice lunch and some
lively (live) conversation. Henry was charming, as usual. He gave me a lift back to the office, but it was (1) ________(hard) worth risking our lives to save a few minutes. He (2) ________ (near) killed us.
Mark: What do you mean?
Sarah: Well, wed sat a bit too (3) _______ (long) over our meal, and we were (4) _______ (late) getting back to work. Henry drove very (5)_________ (fast). I tried (6) ________ (hard) to keep calm, but I was quite scared. We went (7) _________ (wrong) and missed a left turn, and Henry got annoyed. Then a van
came round the corner, and it was coming (8) __________ (straight) at us. I don't know how we missed it.
Mark: Well, I'm glad you did. And next time you'd better take a taxi.

C Good and well (4)

Complete the conversation. Put in good, well, bad, badly and ill.

Rachel: How did you and Daniel get on in your tennis match?
Matthew: We lost. I'm afraid we didn't play very
well . Daniel made some (1) ___________mistakes. It wasn't a very (2) __________ day for us. We played really (3) _____________ .
Andrew: I heard Daniels in bed at the moment because he isnt very (4) ______________ .
Matthew: Yes, Im afraid hes been (5) _________for several days, but hes better now.

D Friendly, hard, hardly, etc. (1-4)

Complete the conversation. Choose the correct form.

Daniel: Is it true you saw a ghost last night?
Vicky: Yes, I did. I went to bed
late/lately, and I was sleeping (1) bad/badly. I suddenly woke up
in the middle of the night. I went to the window and saw the ghost walking across the lawn.
Daniel : Was it a man or a woman?
Vicky: A woman in a white dress. I had a (2)
good/well view from the window, but she walked very
fast/fastly. She wasn't there very (4) long/ longly. I'd (5) hard/hardly caught sight of her before she'd gone. I (6) near/nearly missed her.
Daniel: You dont think you've been working too (7)
hard/hardly? Youve been looking a bit pale (8) late/ lately.
Vicky: I saw her, I tell you.
Daniel: It isnt very (9)
like/likely that ghosts actually exist, you know. I expect you were imagining it.

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