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21. Conditionals 3

- Practice

A Third Conditional (1-3)

Complete the conversation. Put in the correct form of the verb. Use the Past Perfect or would have.

Nick: United didn't play very well today.
Tom: We were awful. But if Hacker
had taken (take) that easy chance, we would have won (we / win).
Nick: We didn’t deserve to win. It (1) ___________ (be) pretty unfair if Rangers (2)_________ (lose).
Tom: Hacker was dreadful. My grandmother (3) _____________ (score) if (4) ___________ (she /be) in that position.
Nick: And if Burley (5) ____________ (not/be) asleep, he (6) _______________(not / give) a goal away.
Tom: If Johnson (7) _____________(not / be) injured when we needed him most , (8) __________ (it / be) different.
Nick: Yes, (9) ___________(we / beat) them if (10) _________________(he /be) fit.

B Third Conditional (1-3)

Comment on each situation using a Third Conditional with if. Use would have, could have or might have.

  • In a bookshop yesterday Daniel saw a book he really wanted. The only problem was that he didn't

have any money. Daniel would have bought the book if he had had any money.

  • Rita often goes to concerts at the town hall, although not to every one. There was one on Saturday,

but she didn't know about it. Rita might have gone to the concert if she had known about it.
1. On Sunday the guests had to have their lunch inside. Unfortunately it wasn't warm enough to have it outside.
2. There was a bomb scare last Tuesday. Sarah wanted to fly to Rome, but she wasn't able to. The
airport was closed.
3. Laura has only met Nick once, and it's possible she wouldn't recognize him. He passed her yesterday, but he had a crash-helmet on.
4. Sarah has been quite busy, and she hasn't watered her plants for some time. As a result, they've died.
5. Nick likes ice hockey, but he didn't have a ticket to the game last week, so unfortunately he wasn't able to get in.

C Second and Third Conditionals (4)

Complete the conversations. Put in the correct form of the verb.
Use the Past Simple, the Past Perfect,
would, or would have.

  • Mike: You look tired.

Harriet: Well, if you hadn't woken (you / not / wake) me up in the middle of the night, I wouldn't be (I /not be) so tired.
1. Rita: Is Trevor a practical person?
Laura: Trevor? No, he isn't. If ____________ (he /be) practical, ____________(he / put) those
shelves up a bit quicker. It took him ages.
2. Tom: Why are you sitting in the dark?
David: Let's just say that if _______________ (I / pay) my electricity bill last month, ___________
(I /not be) in the dark now.
3. Matthew: Why are you so angry with me? All I did yesterday was play basketball.
Emma: If _________ (you / love) me, ____________ (you / not / leave) me here all alone on my

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