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20. During or while? By or until? As or like?

- Practice

A During or while? (1)

Put in during or while.

  • Did you take notes during the lecture?

1. Shall we have a coffee ___________we're waiting?
2. Try not to make any noise ___________ the baby is asleep.
3. The fire alarm rang ________ yesterday's meeting.
4. Trevor tried to fix the shelves __________. Laura was out shopping.

B By or until? (2)

Rachel is talking to her teacher. Put in by or until.

Mrs. Lewis: You'll need to hand your project in
by the end of the week. I’d like to have it (1) __________ Friday, ideally.
Rachel: Well, I’m going on a three-day study trip tomorrow. I'll be away (2) ________Thursday. The project
will probably take me (3) ____________ the middle of next week. I can't finish it (4) ___________
the end of this week.
Mrs. Lewis: Well, let me have it (5) _________ Wednesday of next week, please.

C As or like? (3)

Put in as or like.

  • Sarah works in here. She uses this room as her study.

1. Matthew worked _________a waiter last summer.
2. The way your sister plays the violin sounds __________two cats fighting.
3. Do you mind using this saucer___________ a plate?
4. The body sank ______________a stone to the bottom of the river.

D As or as if? (3)

Put in as or as if.

  • That poor dog looks as if it never gets fed.

1. Rachel failed her driving test, __________ she expected.
2. Daniel spends money ________ it grows on trees.
3. We shall deliver the goods on the twenty-seventh, _____________ we promised.
4. From what Emma said, it sounds __________ she and Matthew are going to get married.

E While, by the time, until, as and like (1-3)

Decide what to say. Use the word in brackets to join the two ideas together.

  • Tell Matthew he needs to click on the box. You showed him. (like)

You need to click on the box, like I showed you.
1. Tell Tom that you arrived at his flat, but he'd left. (by the time)
2. Tell your friend that Rita went to the party with Tom. Your friend predicted this. (as)
3. Tell Claire that you saw her sister. You were shopping in London. (while)
4. Tell Vicky she can keep the book. She can finish it. (until)

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