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20. Conditionals 2

- Practice

A Second Conditional (1-2)

Comment on these situations. Use a Second Conditional with would or could.

  • Andrew is such a boring person because he works all the time.

You know, if Andrew didn't work all the time, he wouldn't be such a boring person.

  • You can't take a photo because you haven't got your camera.

How annoying. If I had my camera, I could take a photo.
1. You can't look the word up because you haven't got a dictionary.
I'm sorry. _____________________________________________ .
2. You don't write to your friends because you're so busy.
I've got so much to do. _________________________________ .
3. You can't play tennis because your back is aching.
It's a nuisance. _______________________________________ .
4. Claire won't marry Henry because she doesn't love him.
Of course, ___________________________________________ .
5. Nick can't find the way because he hasn't got a map.
Nick's lost, but ________________________________________ .
6. David has so many accidents because he's so clumsy.
You know, ___________________________________________ .

B First and Second Conditionals (1-3)

Complete the conversation. Put in the correct form of the verb. You may need to use will or would.

Matthew: I haven't forgotten your birthday, you know. If you like,
I’ll book (I / book) a table for Thursday at our favourite restaurant.
Emma: My birthday is on Wednesday, Matthew. You're playing basketball then, aren't you? If you cared for me, (1) __________ (you /not /play) basketball on my birthday.
Matthew: What's the difference? If (2) __________(we / go) out on Thursday, it'll be just the same. If (3)___________ (I / not / play), I'd be letting the team down.
Emma: Yes, I suppose (4) __________(it / be) a disaster if you missed one game. Well, if (5)_________ (you /think) more of your friends than you do of me, you can forget the whole thing.
Matthew: I just don't understand you sometimes, Emma.
Emma: If (6)_________ (you /think) about it, you'd understand. And I think (7) ____________(it / be) better if we forgot all about my birthday.
Matthew: Don't be silly, Emma. If you get into one of your bad moods, (8)_________ (it / not / do) any good.
Emma: If you were interested in my feelings, (9) ________________ (I / not / get) into a bad mood.

C First and Second Conditionals (3)

What does the if-clause mean? Write a sentence with isn't or might.

  • If this room was tidy, I could find things. The room isn't tidy.
  • If we're late tonight, we can get a taxi. We might be late tonight.

1. If the phone was working, I could call you. __________________
2. If it rains, can you bring the washing in? ___________________
3. If Mike was here, he'd know what to do. _____________________
4. If this spoon was Silver, it would be worth a lot. ___________________
5. If Sarah calls, can you say I'll ring back? ______________________

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