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20. Adjectives (order)


1 Introduction

It's beautiful sunny weather.

Nick has got a big black dog.

We can use more than one adjective before a noun. There is usuaJjy one correct order.
We cannot say sunny beautiful weather or a black big dog.

2 Adjectives and nouns

We sometimes use two nouns together.
a glass door
a computer program
Here we use glass like an adjective, to describe the door. When we use another adjective as well (e.g. heavy), it comes before both the nouns.
a heavy glass door
a useful computer program

3 Word order

We order adj ectives according to their meaning. This is the normal order:

Here are some examples.
a small green insect (size, colour)
Japanese industrial designers (origin, type)
a wonderful new face cream (opinion, age, purpose)
awful plastic souvenirs (opinion. materi al)
a long boring train journey (size, qual ity, type)
some nice easy quiz questions (opinion, quality, purpose)
a beautiful wooden picture frame (opinion, material, purpose)

We sometimes put commas between adjectives in Groups 1-3
a horrible, ugly building
a busy, lively, exciting city

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