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1. Past Perfect

- Practice

A Past Perfect (1)

Read about each situation and then tick the right answer.

  • Two men delivered the sofa. I had already paid for it.

Which came first, a) ___ the delivery, or b) + _ the payment?
1. The waiter brought our drinks. We'd already had our soup.
Which came first, a) ___ the drinks, or b) ___ the soup?
2. I'd seen the film, so I read the book.
Did I first a) ___ see the film, or b) ___ read the book?
3. The programme had ended, so I rewound the cassette.
Did I rewind the cassette a) ___ after, or b) ___ before the programme ended?
4. I had an invitation to the party, but I'd arranged a trip to London.
Which came first, a) ___ the invitation, or b) ___ the arrangements for the trip?

B Past Perfect (1-2)

Add a sentence with the Past Perfect using the notes.

  • Claire looked very suntanned when I saw her last week.

She'd just been on holiday. (just/be on holiday)
1. We rushed to the station, but we were too late.
__________________ (the train / just / go)
2. I didn't have an umbrella, but that didn't matter.
__________________ (the rain / stop)
3. When I got to the concert hall, they wouldn't let me in.
__________________ (forget / my ticket)
4. Someone got the number of the car the raiders used.
__________________ (steal / it / a week before)
5. I was really pleased to see Rachel again yesterday.
__________________ (not see / her / for ages)
6. Luckily the flat didn't look too bad when my parents called in.
__________________ (just / clean / it)
7. The boss invited me to lunch yesterday, but I had to refuse the invitation.
__________________ (already / eat / my sandwiches)

C Present Perfect and Past Perfect (3)

Put the verbs in the Present Perfect (have done) or Past Perfect (had done).

  • It isn't raining now. It's stopped (stop) at last.
  • We had no car at that time. We'd sold (sell) our old one.

1. The park looked awful. People _______________ (leave) litter everywhere.
2. You can have that newspaper. I_____________ (finish) with it.
3. There's no more cheese. We __________ (eat) it all, I'm afraid.
4. There was no sign of a taxi, although I _____________ (order) one half an hour before.
5. This bill isn't right. They ____________ (make) a mistake.
6. I spoke to Melanie at lunch-time. Someone ____________ (tell) her the news earlier.
7. I was really tired last night. I __________ (have) a hard day.
8. Don't you want to see this programme? It __________ (start).
9. It'll soon get warm in here. I__________ (turn) the heating on.
10. At last the committee were ready to announce their decision. They ___________ (make) up their minds.

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