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1. Every, each, whole, both, either and neither


1 Every and each

We use every and each before a singular noun to talk about a whole group.
The police questioned every person/each person in the building.
Every room/Each room has a number.
In many contexts either word is possible, but there is a difference in meaning.

We can use each (but not every) on its own or with of.

There are six flats. Each has its own entrance. NOT Every has ...
Each of the six flats has its own entrance. NOT Every of the ...
We can also say
Each one/Every one has its own entrance.

We can also use
each in mid position or after a pronoun.
We've each got our own desk.
They gave
us each a desk.

every and all before day, morning, week, etc.
l travel every day. (= Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ... )
l was travelling all day. (= from morning till evening)

2 Whole

We use
whole before a singular noun. It means 'all' or 'complete'.
The baby cried the whole time. (= all the time)
I've spent my whole life waiting for this moment. (= all my life)
We'll need a whole loaf to make sandwiches for everyone.

3 Both, either and neither

We use both, either and neither for two things.
I've got two bicycles. Both of them are quite old. I've given up cycling, so I don't ride either of them any more. Neither of them is in very good cOlldition, I'm afraid.

Both means 'the one and the other'. We can use it in the following structures.
We had two letters this morning, and both letters / both the letters / both of the letters / both of them are bills.
We can also use both in mid position or after a pronoun.
The letters are both bills. I've opened them both.

Either means 'the one or the other', and neither means 'not the one or the other'.
I haven't met either twin/either of the twins/either of them.
Neither shoe fits / Neither of the shoes fit(s) / Neither of them fit(s).

We can use both, either and neither on their own.
The store has two lifts, and both are out of order/neither is working.

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