1. Every, each, whole, both, either and neither

- Practice

A Every and each (1)

Complete the dialogue. Put in every or each. Sometimes both are possible.

Laura: It's a lot bigger than your last house, isnt it? Did you say there are four people living here?
Natasha: Yes, and we
each have our own bedroom.
Laura: Does (1) ___________person pay a quarter of the rent?
Natasha: Thats right. On the first of (2) _____________ month.
Laura: It must be fantastic for parties.
Natasha: Yes, it is. We dont have one (3) _____________week, but almost!
Laura: Isn't that rather expensive?
Natasha: Not if (4) _____________guest brings something to eat or drink! Anyway, therell be no more
parties until our exams are over. Were spending (5) _____________moment revising.

B Every, all and whole (1-2)

Put in every, all or the whole and the word in brackets. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

  • Melanie is a religious person. She goes to church every Sunday (Sunday).

1. The weather has been awful today. It's been raining ___________ (day).
2. I just can't sleep. I spent ____________(night) lying awake.
3. Sarah gets the train at half past seven __________(morning).
4. It's eleven o'clock. Are you going to lie in bed _____________(morning)?
5. Last Saturday Trevor spent ___________(day) putting up some shelves.
6. Why are you in such a hurry __________(time) I see you?

C Both, either and neither (3)

There are two pubs in Brickfield, The White Horse and The Ship. Look at the information
and then write the sentences. Use both of them, one of them or neither of them.

  • (serve meals) Both of them serve meals.

1. (have a separate restaurant) _____________________.
2. (serve bar snacks) __________________ .
3. (have a family room) _________________.
4. (allow pub games) __________________ .
5. (have live music) _______________________.
6. (have a non-smoking area) ____________________.

D Every, each, whole, both, either and neither (1-3)

Complete the conversation. Put in every, each, whole, both, either or neither.

Assistant: These plain sofas come in two different styles.
Sarah: I think
both styles are rather old-fashioned. (1) __________ of them is really what I want. I don't like (2)_____________ of them, I'm afraid.
Assistant: What about a patterned fabric? There are some lovely colours here.
Sarah: I feel more and more unsure with (3) ____________new fabric I look at.

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