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19 Links across sentences

- Practice

A Words and phrases meaning 'and', 'but ' and 'so' (2)

What do the underlined words mean? Write and, but or so.

  • Daniel's suitcase got left behind. He got it back in the end, however. = but

1. I'm too tired to go for a walk. Besides, it looks like rain. = _______________
2. The road was under water. The police therefore closed it to traffic. = _______________
3. We took lots of photos. We videoed the speeches as well. = _______________
4. It was a terrible journey. Still, we got there safely in the end. = _______________
5. A strike by air traffic controllers has begun. Many flights have consequently been cancelled. = _______________
6. The company has spent millions on computers. Nevertheless, it does not seem to have become more efficient. = _______________

B Links across sentences (2-3)

Complete this letter to a local newspaper. Choose the correct word or phrase.

There's been a lot of talk about a ‘spaceship’ seen over the town at about eleven o'clock on Friday night. As a result/ Netherless, hundreds of enthusiastic sky-watchers have arrived in town, hoping that it will return. But was it really a spaceship? About twenty people say they saw it. (1) Consequently/Furthermore, there is a photograph which is supposed to show the object in the sky. We know, (2) however/as a result, that trick photos are easy to produce. (3) By the way/In other words, it is almost certainly a fake. But it would be wrong to treat the whole thing as a joke. (4) All the same/On the contrary, all such reports should be carefully investigated. (5) After all/Anyway, the arrival of a spacecraft from another world would indeed be a serious matter. But usually there is a more simple explanation. Many supposed spaceships turn out to be weather balloons, (6) for example/or rather. A similar mistake probably lies behind the belief that someone from another world really did pay us a visit last Friday.

C Links across sentences (3)

What would you say? Give your answer using a linking word or phrase.

  • Support Emma's opinion: she might not get another offer.

Emma: You're right. Maybe I should accept the offer.
After all, you might not get another one.
1. Rephrase what Rita is saying: she doesn't want to see Nick.
Rita: I don't know if I'll have time to see Nick.
2. Change the subject and ask what the time is.
Tom: I hope Wayne Johnson will be fit to play for United on Saturday.
3. Dismiss the idea of buying a sweater: they haven't got one in your size.
Daniel: I'm not sure if that sweater really suits you.
4. Mention Sarah as an example.
Claire: Lots of our friends have DVD recorders, don't they?
5. Contradict what Nick says.
Nick: Sorry. I persuaded you to see that film and you hated it, didn't you?

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