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19. Conditionals 1

- Practice

A First Conditional (1-3)

Read the conversation and then choose the correct forms.

Rachel: Have you heard about the pop festival?
Vicky: Yes, it's,/
it'll be good if Express are playing. They're a great band.
Rachel: Will you be able to go, Nick?
Nick: If (1)
I ask/I'll ask my boss, he' ll give me some time off work, I expect.
Vicky: How are we going to get there?
Rachel: Well, if (2)
there are/there'll be enough people, we can hire a minibus.
Vicky: I won't be going if (3)
it’s/it'll be too expensive.
Rachel: It (4)
isn’t costing/won't cost much if we all (5) share/will share the cost.
Nick: If (6)
I see/I’ll see the others later on tonight, (7) I ask/I'll ask them if they want to go.

B First Conditional (1-3)

Comment on the situations. Use if + the present tense + will/can.

  • It might rain. If it does, everyone can eat inside.

If it rains, everyone can eat inside.

  • The children mustn't go near Nick's dog. It'll bite them.

If the children go near Nick's dog, it'll bite them.
1. Rachel might fail her driving test. But she can take it again.
2. United might lose. If they do, Tom will be upset.
3. The office may be closed. In that case Mark won't be able to get in.
4. Nick may arrive a bit early. If he does, he can help Tom to get things ready.
5. The party might go on all night. If it does, no one will want to do any work tomorrow.
6. Emma may miss the train. But she can get the next one.
7. Is Matthew going to enter the race? He'll probably win it.

C Present Simple in both clauses (4)

Match the sentences and join them with if.

- You lose your credit card.
1. You get promoted.

2. I drink coffee late at night.
3. You don't pay the bill.
4. I try to run fast.
5. Someone enters the building.

I can't sleep.
You get a warning letter.
You have to ring the bank.
Your salary goes up.
The alarm goes off.
I get out of breath.

  • If you lose your credit card, you have to ring the bank.

1. ____________________________________________ .
2. _____________________________________________.
3. _____________________________________________.
4. _____________________________________________.
5. _____________________________________________.

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