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18. Review of linking words

- Practice

A Time words (1)

Arlene Black's new CD is now available in the shops. Write the titles of her songs.
Use these words instead of the ones in brackets: as soon as, before, since, when, while, until

  • Think of me (during the time) I'm away Think of me while I'm away

1. I'll love you (up to the day) I die ______________________
2. I hear music (at the time) I see you ______________________
3. Come back (earlier than) I forget you ______________________
4. I've been sad (from the time) you left me ______________________
5. I fell in love (immediately after) we met ______________________

B Linking words (2-5)

Put in these words: although, because, but, due to, if, in case, in order to, in spite of, so, so that, unless

  • Olivia booked a babysitter so that she could go out for the evening.

1. ____________ it was late, Nick didn't seem in a hurry to leave.
2. They put video cameras in shops ___________stop people stealing things.
3. We decided not to go out for a meal_____________ we were simply too tired.
4. _______________ you're ready, we can start now.
5. Our room was very small, _____________ we didn't really mind.
6. No one was watching the television, __________ I switched it off.
7. You can't drive a car __________you've got a license.
8. ____________ having absolutely no talent, Guy became a popular TV personality.
9. I think my answers are right, but can I just check them with yours _____________ . I've made a mistake?
10. The road was closed _________________an accident.

C Linking words (1-5)

Complete the conversation. Choose the correct linking word.

Daniel: What are you going to do after/ before you finish college, Rachel?
Rachel: Vicky and I will be off to the States (1)
as soon as/in spite of this term is over. We're going to
travel around, and we may go to Canada (2)
so that/to see some friends of Vicky's. We've been
thinking about nothing else (3)
since/until we bought our plane tickets.
Daniel: It sounds great. How are you getting around in the States?
Rachel: By Greyhound bus. I know it takes longer than flying, (4)
but/in spite of it'll be more interesting.
We fly to LA and then we're taking the bus to New York. We're going to buy a special ticket (5)
order/so that we can go anywhere we like on the way.
Daniel: Yes, it’s better by bus (6)
because/unless you can stop off at interesting places.
Rachel: Of course the bus will probably be tiring.
Daniel: Maybe you should take plenty of money (7)
if/in case you decide to fly instead.
Rachel: I'll have to be careful with my money (8)
since/so that I've only just got enough. I'm hoping to
stay out there (9)
unless/until I have to come back and start my job in September. I'm really
looking forward to the trip, (10)
although/because I' ll be sad to leave here. And what about
you? What are you doing this summer?
Daniel: I'd go away somewhere (11)
if/in case I could afford to. But I’m working. I've got no money, (12)
because/so I' ll have to earn some.
Rachel: Have you really got no money (13)
although/inspite of the fact that you've had a part-time job this
Daniel: You know me, Rachel. If I've got money, I spend it.

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