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18. Present Perfect or Past Simple 2

- Practice

A I've been or I was? (1)

Complete this letter to a newspaper. Put in the Present Perfect or Past Simple.

A few days ago I learned (learn) that someone plans to knock down the White Horse Inn.
This pub
has been (be) the centre of village life for centuries. It (1) _______(stand) at our crossroads for 500 years. It (2) __________ (be) famous in the old days, and Shakespeare once (3) ___________(stay) there, they say. I (4) __________ (live) in Brickfield all my life. The villagers (5) __________(know) about the plans for less than a week and already there's a 'Save Our Pub' campaign. Last week we (6) ________ (be) happy, but this week we're angry. We will stop them, you'll see.

B Have you (ever)...? and Did you (ever) ... ? (2)

Look at each conversation and choose the best sentence, a) or b).

  • Have you heard about the woman walking across the US? - Yes, she's reached the Rockies.

a) + The walk is continuing. b) __ The walk has finished.
1. Have you ever played beach volleyball? - Yes, we played it on holiday.
a) __ The holiday is still going on. b) __ The holiday is over.
2. Did you know old Mr. Green? - No, I never met him.
a) __ Mr. Green is probably alive. b) __ Mr. Green is probably dead.
3. Wayne Johnson is a great footballer. - Yes, he's scored 200 goals for United.
a) __ Wayne Johnson still plays for United. b) __ Wayne Johnson has left United.

C Today, this week, etc (3)

Put in this, last, today or yesterday.

Last month prices went up, but this month they have fallen a little.
1. It's been dry so far __________ week, but __________week was very wet.
2. I went shopping earlier ________ and spent all the money I earned __________ .
3. We didn't have many visitors ____________year. We've had a lot more ___________ year.
4. I don't feel so tired now. We got up quite late _________ morning. I felt really tired __________ when we got up so early.

D Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Put in the verbs.

Have you heard (you/hear) the news about David?
Harriet: No. (1) ________ (what/happen)?
Tom: (2)__________ (he/have) an accident. He was walking down some steps. (3) __________ (he/fall) and (4) __________ (break) his leg.
Harriet: Oh, how awful! When (5)__________ (it/happen)?
Tom: Yesterday afternoon. Melanie (6) ______ (tell) me about it last night.
Harriet: Last night! (7)____________ (you/know) about it last night, and (8) ________(you/not/tell) me!
Tom: Well, (9) ________ (I/not/see) you last night. And (10)________ (I/not/see) you today, until now.
Harriet: I hope he's all right. (11)___________ (he / have) lots of accidents, you know. (12) _______ (he/do) the same thing about two years ago.

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