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18. Have something done


1 Introduction

Compare these situations.

Claire decorated the room.
(She did the work herself.)

Claire had the room decorated.
(A decorator did the work.)

We can use have in a passive structure. Claire had the room decorated means that she arranged for a decorator to do it for her as a professional service.

2 Form

Look at these examples.

Note that we can llse the perfect or the continuolls (have had, are having).

In negatives and questions in simple tenses, we use a form of do.
Mark doesn't have his suits cleaned at Fastclean.
We didn't have new windows put in because it was too expensive.
Do you have your car serviced regularly?
Where did you have your hair cut?

3 Get something done

We can also use get something done.
We must have another key made. OR We must get another key made.
The sentences have the same meaning, but get is more informal than have.

Here are some more examples with get.
Laura got her shoes repaired.
We're getting the carpet cleaned.
Where did you get your hair cut?
Do you get your heating checked every year?

4 Have meaning 'experience'

We can use have in this structure with the meaning 'experience something', often something unpleasant.
We had all our money stolen.
The car
had its mirror pulled off.

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