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17. Question tags

- Practice

A Use (1)

Look carefully at each statement and tag. Say if it is more likely to be a comment (with falling intonation) or a question (with rising intonation).

  • This price list is up to date, isn't it? - Yes, it is. question______________

1. It was a super show, wasn't it? - Great. I really enjoyed it. _____________________
2. These sweaters are nice, aren't they? - I like this one. _____________________
3. We've got time for a coffee, haven't we? - A quick one maybe. _____________________
4. Let me see, the bus goes at ten past, doesn't it? - Quarter past. _____________________

B Form (2)

You are at a barbecue. Add tags to help start a friendly conversation.

  • These sausages are delicious, aren't they? - They certainly are.
  • You haven't lived here long, have you? - No, only three months.

1. It's quite a big garden, ____________? - Yes, there's plenty of room.
2. There aren't many people here yet, _______________? - No, but it's still quite early.
3. You're Rachel's friend, _______________? - Yes, I'm Vicky.
4. You came in a sports car,______________? - That's right.
5. These burgers look good,______________? - I can't wait to try them.
6. We can sit on the grass, _____________? - I think it's dry enough.
7. The weather forecast wasn't very good, _______________? - No, it wasn't.

C Form (2)

Complete the conversation. Put in the question tags.

Emma: You don’t really want to go out with me any more,
do you?
Matthew: Of course I do. But I need a bit of time to myself sometimes.
Emma: You get plenty of time to yourself, (1) ____________________?
Matthew: Emma, you know what I feel for you. I’ve told you enough times, (2) ________________?
Emma: Yes, you have. And you're quite happy, (3) ___________________?
You don’t mind, (4)________________? The situation doesn't bother you, (5) ___________________?
Matthew: Why are we arguing7 There's nothing to argue about, (6) _____________________?
Emma: You can’t ever look at things from my point of view, (7) _______________________?

D Requests and suggestions (3)

What would you say in these situations? Write sentences with a question tag. Use the word in brackets.

You want to look at a newspaper. Daniel might have one, so ask him. (haven't)
You haven't got a newspaper, have you?
1. Suggest to Vicky that you both listen to some music. (Let's)
2. Warn David not to do anything silly. (Don't)
3. You need a train timetable. Emma might have one, so ask her. (haven't)
4. Ask Rachel to pass you the salt. (Pass)

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